The Lost- cover peek 2

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So Francisco (my cover artist, found through Deviant Art) has almost finished the cover image for The Lost, sequel to The Last. It’s more zombies plus the little girl, Anna.

Here it is-

I love it. She’s vibrant and in the thick of things. It’s dynamic.

He’ll do finishing touches, then I expect I’ll transform it to be in line with the first book. That means desaturate the zombies, amp up the contrast, and of course add titles. 

I’ll work on that today- plus I’ll set up the preorder on Amazon (for just one week away) and start lining up advertising. 


It’s gorgeous weather here in London. Yesterday we went window shopping at Dfs (sofas), Dunelm (furniture), B&Q (DIY & garden) for our new house.

We’re moving in in 2 weeks! I’ll put up some photos later. 

Watched Selma at night. Powerful- SY was very uncomfortable with all the death and racism. Very disconcerting that this same stuff is happening now, still. 

SY is into doing her art. Here’s one she did 2 days ago-

 I love it. Very bold on a white wall. 

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