Last / Lost promo day 5

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Its been the last day of my double promotion for The Last and The Lost, and free downloads have hit the peak of 7,000 and not moved much since.

It’s less than I hoped for (5k each book), but I’m happy really. 3 5-star reviews came in for The Last over the course of the promo, taking it to 39 and an average of 4.7, very close to 4.8.

Who cares about number of reviews? I think readers will. Primarily though- it’s the big promo sites. Bookbub look at number of reviews. More is no guarantee they’ll feature you, but it must be a contributing factor. Get a feature, and you can shift 10,000 plus copies in a day.

My author rank peaked at 13,000. That’s pretty comparable to the spike I got on releasing The Lost back in May- which ended up paying for the promo and cover. Other books are selling a few. Kindle page reads are up to 4,000 a day, a 4x increase.

It’s good. I’m pleased. Will sales be good after free ends tomorrow? I hope so.

Saturday 22 Aug

We’re moving in two days- so been packing, going through old stuff, tossing some old kid stuff away.

I have 10 boxes of diaries, old records of achievement, letters, photos, lots of sentimental stuff. Today I passed some of it to my mom- the baby era stuff. Some other bits I may mine for blog post photos.

Here is the first gem, an awesome adventure map. I remember making this when I was little. The red lines are rivers of lava. Each quadrant has a monster guarding a key. Gather all the keys, and…

Well that would be telling.

One has the key round his neck. One has it in his neck. One is guarded by mad red Pacmen.

I have stumbled on and almost accidentally thrown away this map dozens of times. Today I almost dropped it in the bin, as it was folded up so tight.

I’m glad I didn’t. It will be the plot of my next book.


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