Last / Lost day 1 after promo

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Shifting 7000 free copies of The Last and The Lost is already having some small boost effect, with 10 sales so far today.

Kindle Unlimited page reads (borrows) are up fourfold on normal- 5000 pages read. That’s probably 10 people reading a book fully through. 

Things ought to pick up a little more- that is if the promo has raised my visibility on the popularity list. In the past the bump comes a few days after coming off free.

I feel good. I guess a big part of that is the good reviews coming in. I’m glad people are enjoying my stuff. I’ve written the best books I know how, marketed them as well as I know how, and I’m getting good feedback.

To make money on top of that is really icing on a lovely cake. Thank you to all who’ve read one of these books. It’s good.


We are moving into our house in 2 days. Today was packing. We came from Tokyo a year ago with only 10 big boxes. Now we have over double that, plus a big dining table, loads of chairs, a desk, a weights bench and weights, bags of clothes, a lawnmower, a hose, and more.

I threw out lots of old photos/diaries. I edited old photo albums (ex-girlfriends, mostly) so I don’t feel weird bringing them to my new place, at the start of a new life.

Then, I made a chicken run for my mom! Here it is-

Last night we went out for dinner with mom and Karen at a Turkish place in Cockfosters, called Skewd. 

Here is the opening bread balloon.

  Here was my lamb shish kebab.

Very tasty. 

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