Harry Potter Studio Tour!

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Sales and borrows are taking a jump today, up to 8 sales and 4000 page reads and the days almost over, which is great. 

Perhaps this is the impact of free really kicking in? It has been a week since the promo ended- that would be slow response- though I have heard it can take days for the post-free bounce to kick in.

In other writing news, I’ve broadly plotted out zombie book 3. These things always seem more exciting to me as I dig in. It may end on a terrible cliff-hanger. I’m thinking about that…


Last night, after agonizing over wardrobes for hours (so expensive!) we spent over £300 on general house goods. A house requires a lot of stuff to fill it up!

And today, we are at Harry Potter studios tour, wandering around the real sets from the movies! 

It’s great. The next step is for them to actually build, full-scale, the whole of Hogwarts. It would be enormous and deeply cool. They kind of did do it at the Wizarding World in Florida, but why not go even madder, and massiver? 

Cram it full of rides, original sets, events, movie screenings, etc.

If you build it they will come.

A selection of photos from the day:

Great hall- Wizarding staff all arrayed at the front.   

Selfie in great hall.

  Potions classroom.

Magic is Might. Voldemort era sculpture in the Ministry of Magic.


Platform 9 3/4

Butterbeer! Liquid fizzy caramel with cream on top. Yum.

Diagon alley.


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