5 + 3 reviews on The Lost so far

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The Lost has 5 reviews on Amazon US and 3 on UK, with 7 on Goodreads. This is fantastic- probably the fastest review response I’ve had yet- all with very valuable thoughts shared- thank you again!

Hopefully more will roll in by the FREE promo that starts tomorrow.

I’ll post highlight bits in the next day or so.

Reminder– both The Last and The Lost will be free tomorrow, Tuesday 18!!

Concerning the 3rd book in the series: The L*st, or TL3 as I call it, I’m having lots of thoughts. There’s so many stories I want to tell, many of them back- and middle- story, but also of course a crackling array of forward story, leading into TL 4-6…

Exciting, basically. So much to cram in.

Other news

Today the pre-sessional intensive I’m teaching on got intense, with timed writings for the students, marking for us, double marking, data entry and etc…

All my students passed the 1500 word essay! Actually one might have failed 🙁

Go home! Watch tv! Lift weights! Hit refresh on Amazon sales page to see if I’ve made my millions yet! (Won’t do that, I only check once a day…)

Here is a picture of some of the antique chairs SY bought for our dining room. They are Bentwood, a nice brand. We have 12 of them! Getting shipped out a week today!

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