Last / Lost promo day 1

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The first day of promotion for The Last is winding down here in the UK and right in the thick of things in the U.S., with around 1000 free downloads to date.

I’m hoping that will at least double by the end of business today, then keep on ticking over for a few days after, to hit 5000+ by Saturday.

A few extra promotion sites picked The Last up, including the fairly heavyweight Book Gorilla, and a service called Book Scream. That’s great, thank you.

I’ve been the tweeting the link all day, because why not, what can it hurt- and even started bugging celebrities (not A-list) to tweet my book link.

Geoff Lloyd off absolute radio, and Jon Ronson off the Guardian Guide column. Those tweets are like seeds now, burrowing in their brains. Hopefully they’ll tweet me massively shortly.

Tomorrow The Lost gets its push. Will the double promo result in a new influx of readers? I hope so!

Other news

Tonight is one of those odd moments where I feel I’m putting my head above the parapet and seeing the big picture.

Socializing! For all this year really I’ve been head down on work and writing, work and writing. A year has gone by since I came to London!

I joined a number of writers groups, then stopped being bothered. I will probably start my own group. I will BE more social, and take ADVANTAGE of all lovely London has to offer. 

Here is a picture of my lift/elevator at work-

It is so cute. Me too! There are four lifts, 1-4, and now when I push the call button I hope it is this one. 

We’re old friends now. 

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