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My story The Bells of Subsidence is published this month in the professional magazine Clarkesworld. I really hope you’ll take the time to go read it- it’s one of my favorite stories and I’m so pleased Clarkesworld is giving it a wider audience.

Read it here!

It’s basically a Forrest Gump-ish love story across the massive sweep of super-string space. If you like it, I’d love it if you shared it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love it even more if you also subscribed to this site’s free feed by RSS or email, so you get story updates fresh from the kiln. I’d love it so much that I’ll offer some ‘prizes’ if enough people subscribe in March:

– if 9 people subscribe (taking this site to 800 subscribers ) I’ll write an exclusive expose of where the ideas for the Bells of Subsidence came from.
– if 109 subscribe (taking the site to 900), I’ll write the expose and send a free 2012 calendar of gorgeous haikyo (Japanese ruins) to one subscriber drawn from a hat (like this one but for 2012).
– if 209 subscribe? (taking the site to 1,000), I’ll write the expose, send the calendar, and send one lucky subscriber (drawn from a hat) a 6 month subscription to Clarkesworld Kindle magazine!
All subscribers will be in the draws, so if you’re an existing subscriber you also stand to win, as long as we reach the numbers. Encourage your friends to join!

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On the note of subscribing- I also encourage you to subscribe to the Clarkesworld Kindle magazine. They’re having a drive to reach 1,000 paid subscribers so they can pay better rates to their non-fiction contributors. A worthy cause, considering one of the non-fiction articles in the current edition is about ruins- one of my abiding fascinations (see a hundred Japanese ghost towns here).

Once more, the story is here. Please read, and if you enjoy, please share and sign up!

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