Orange Injection Candy

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Drugs designed for kids often taste like candy. I remember getting to love the taste of the cold remedy Sudafed, and looking forward to taking it- lovely goopy syrupy sugar. If I could’ve chugged it freestyle, I very well might have (and actually did once, when my sister and I sat under the kitchen table around 6 years old and sampled the delicacies of the medicine cabinet).

Now one Japanese candy company has picked up on this trend, turned the tables, and started marketing candy as a drug.

The Japanese says- Syringe Water Candy.

I saw this delicacy when I was strolling through Picasso– an off-shoot of the variety goods shop Don Quixote, around the same time I spotted Sexy Coca Cola. It looked gross, so I had to grab it. Also, as the packaging explains, you can use it as a water gun once you’re done chasing the dragon.

It comes with these candy OD pills.

Is it a bit dodgy to sell kids on syringes this way? Probably, if we were in a country with more drug problems. You don’t want to make the equipment of drug-taking seem cool or cute even. I remember as a kid we had those packs of white chalk candy sticks that looked like cigarettes, and you could pretend to be smoking while you ate them.

Can you still buy those? Probably not.

But there’s not a lot of drug-taking in Japan, so I guess its not a concern.

Making the equipment of drug-taking look cool/cute.

And what of the taste? Well, I’ll let you watch this short video to find out.

Goopy, thick, treacly, gross 🙁

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