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I recently did an interview with Axiom magazine about my haikyo photography and fiction writing. Axiom is a print and web magazine focused on Japanese entertainment, gaming, and culture, run by Adam Miller and Jimi Okelana.

I chatted with Jimi for about 10 minutes- probably the first time I’ve done an interview over the phone. I’ve done interviews a couple of times before, but only by email. By phone is fun, though challenging to express what you want to say concisely without just going on and on. I think I did go on and on, but Jimi managed to pluck out some bits, and you can them in the article here:

Axiom MJG Interview.

Their intro to me is very flattering, which is of course appreciated- thank you Axiom!

The article should also be in the print version, so I’ll probably post that when I get a copy.

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