Japan’s abandoned Jungle theme park #3 souvenirs

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Across the road from Jungle Park was this smashed-up restaurant/souvenir shop. I`ll guess it wasn`t actually connected to the theme park, though it probably survived on the tourists who came there. Inside it felt inhabited, with clothes hanging on rails to dry, but I didn’t run into anyone. The area was very still for most of the time I poked around, with hardly even any cars going by.

‘Kotobu’ (the sign on the front) may be the stem of ‘Kotobuki’ which means ‘Congratulations’.

It was an easy explore, in through the window as the video shows, with a couple of fun little finds.


Gas conro like stops on an organ.

Love this OVEN!

A Tokyo Times-esque detail shot.


In back.

Peeling fusebox.

Disintegrated wheelbarrow.

Grimy toilets.

Water tank orb fallen down.

Signs of habitation.

Dining hall.

I read ‘The Girl who Played with Fire’.


Futon area, explained handily in the video.

Presumably Colonel Perry`s Black Ship. He landed at Shimoda which is fairly near here.

Sun lit.

Road mirror off its moorings.

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  1. Ooo, very nice little ship there. Always cool to find unusual items hidden in haikyo :p. I hope its location isn’t too obvious so it doesn’t get stolen by other wanderers!

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      I don’t imagine many other wanderers get down here, actually Mike. I haven’t seen this place (Jungle Park) get much coverage in the haikyo scene. Have you? The ship, well, I didn’t think to hide it or anything, so it is pretty much in plain sight :(…

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          1. Yup, I reckon so. You might also want to look into Disqus comments. Not sure if it will work with the plugin (I intend to try it), but it’s a neat solution that allows users to login using different aliases (Facebook, Twitter – etc). It keeps your wordpress comments too, so you can always ditch it later.

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              Yeah I was just looking at your site- Disqus does make the comments section pretty. Maybe I`ll try. Let me know if it works with the comment-notification plug-in…

              1. Looks like Disqus already has the ’email commenter’ option for users. Each individual decides whether to turn it on or not. It seems like the main difference then is that with the WP plugin, the user cannot control the emails coming to them. Perhaps could be a source of annoyance? Definitely will encourage discussion in both cases though.

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                  Yeah, I already set up disqus, then noticed that it doesn`t auto-send notification, so turned it off. I’ll roll with this style for a while, and hope it doesn’t annoy people. Who would be annoyed though by a reply to their comment? We’ll see….

                  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Disqus personally. Its amazingly simple and convenient which is a gigantic plus, but it also kinda feels creepy having one login over the web that links comments from various sites. Mostly though, I’ve found the popups are prone to occasionally breaking.

  2. Funny graffiti on the oven.

    That model ship might be one of the black ships. It does not appear to be a side wheel steamer however which was the type of two of the four ships. I believe the one Perry was on that entered Tokyo Bay was a side wheel steamer so probably not this model of ship.

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