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A few months back Elisabeth Lambert of the Tokyo Weekender (one of several free English magazines available in Tokyo) got in touch with me about haikyo. She was doing research for an article, and we went back and forth with a few sets of interview questions. It’s always interesting for me to talk about haikyo, especially if the person ‘gets it’- compared to people who (and I understand this view too) think ‘why would you want to go to dirty old buildings full of trash’?

The magazine came out this week, and it turns out the haikyo piece is the feature article, which is sweet. Even better, they led the magazine with one of my photos on the cover. It’s a shot from the Kawaminami shipyard in Kyushu.

The article is a few pages long, and features photos by me as well as by Florian who is trail-blazing haikyo in the Kansai area. You can read it here online. I like the way Elisabeth has portrayed the hobby, especially since she opened the article with her own experience of haikyo, showing just how much she ‘gets it’.

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  1. Congratulations on both you and your photography being featured in the article, which is a good one that captures the spirit of haikyo exploration.

    Florian’s blog is new to me and looks very interesting, too. I’ll have to check it out.

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