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apocalypse-rassouliUniversal Time

Rav works the Deep 7 as a Tempus man, ferrying light-speed adjusted time in his cargo-hold full of clocks. But the empire has been split by a gigantic schism, the worlds are seceding, so what is the value of universal time any more?

This is probably the first short story I wrote. Rav works for a dying empire and spends his free time living out the life he could`ve had in virtual reality, until the end really hits home.

sizer_irongiant_colorThe Giant Robot and the Myna Bird

The Giant Robot once fought in great wars and help turn the tide of civilization. Now it roams the fallen world searching for its lost arm. When it meets the Myna Bird, a tumbled neon sign for a strip club, hope sparks within its circuitry for a little while.

I`m very fond of this story- I love lonely monsters who spend their lives striving for some kind of happiness. If they do that in ruins, all the better.




All men are infertile after some un-named event branded them with the mark of Cain, but Bathsheba wants a baby, and will do anything to conceive.

Very dark, originally a little too graphic, I toned it down to post on this site. I like how Bathsheba accepts the time she lives in, but does the best she can to get what she needs.




An old man wanders a ruined volcano museum, looking for something he once lost. When the volcano finally blows, will he have the courage to seek it out at the summit?

A story based on one of the haikyo locations I`ve been to- the Asama Volcano Museum.




One Eighty

Dray wakes up and finds the world has flipped upside down. He`s lying on the ceiling of his apartment in Toyko. He looks outside and sees people falling down into the sky.The first thought through his head- is his girlfriend safe?

Written based on the geography of the place I first lived in Tokyo, this story is packed with memories.


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