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to-japan-with-loveHas it already been (over!) a month since I announced this contest? Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long, and thanks again for your efforts to help pimp my site all over stumbleupon and really stick it to the man. Awesome, you are awesome!

Anyway, a winner! From a hat, drawn at random and helped by her multiple entries is…

Drum Roll…..


Geekmom if you can just let me know your address I’ll pop the book in the post to you in a jiffy. Would you like it encased in plastic, or shall I open it up and sign it for you? Either is fine.

Thanks again everyone, much appreciated that you took the time to get involved. Arigato! I may have some more competitions for haikyo/fiction magazines coming up in the next month or so.

You can buy TJWL here.

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  1. Sweet!! Can’t wait to read it – we are socking away money for our next (extended) visit to Nippon but have not yet figured out what we’ll do while there so this is perfect. Thank you!

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