Skeletal hotels on the Sinai Peninsula

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The Middle East was the cradle of civilization, once lush and verdant lands ravaged by over-farming, over-population, and ensuing desertification. Modern cities like Dubai in the UAE seek to prolong their existence via their last resource, oil, building vast and bizarre structures in the water and on land in hopes of bringing in business people like tourists to a theme park. It may work. If it doesn’t, this is what it will look like.

Cactus Hotel

Two Danish artists/photographers Haubitz and Zoche traveled the Sinai peninsula in 2007 seeking future echoes of ruin, grand visions of hotels and resorts lying bare-boned and uncompleted in the wind-swept desert. In 2008 they held an exhibition of their works. I learnt of their images from the building blog. You can find more about the exhibition here (finished), and about them at their site here.

Stadium Hotel

Brigadier’s Hotel

Oasis Hotel

Pole Hotel

Deck of Cards Hotel

Temple of Artemis

Buy their book here:

Or here.


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  1. Now I know where the stray thumbnail came from that appeared for the Marcos head blurb in the sidebar last week.

    It’s surprising they found such a variety of architecture among the abandonned hotels. I wonder if they were all part of some large development plan that went belly-up.

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