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While browsing the net for ruins sites I stumbled across this rather fantastic ruins aggregator. I’ve been so caught up in the haikyo of Japan for such a long time I forgot the sheer levels of ruined awesomeness to be found in the wider world. Deserts, tropical islands, arctic wastelands, volcanic scree fields- they make some truly jaw-dropping backdrops for some truly jaw-dropping pieces of ruin.


The abandoned Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

The site is called Artificial Owl, and his whole deal is re-posting, with occasional shots he took himself. Normally I frown upon re-posters- there’s a great number of them loose in the blogging world I know, re-reporting the real news that real news sources break, and I never wanted to be like that. But, of course I can see the benefits of re-posting. J-bloggers who re-post news originally screened in Japanese, adding sub-titles to video and explaining cultural stuff non-aficionados wouldn’t get- that makes sense. Likewise with the Artificial Owl, he’s bringing together ruins pictures and threads in ways I haven’t seen before.

In short, I’m considering doing this myself. Venture forth onto the web, find some cool ruins, borrow photos (hopefully with permission), and slather them over these pages as a complement to the Japan haikyo I already explore.


The giant hand of the Atacama desert

mex church

The Mexican church buried by lava : San Juan Parangaricutiro


Abandoned Catalina seaplane: 50 years between the sea and the desert


The American Star

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  1. Wow, what an amazing site Artificial Owl is!! I could only browse through it quickly but I plan on spending a lot more time there very soon. Thanks!!

  2. Post

    Mono- Thanks, he’s got some amazing content.

    Tornadoes- Good find, great extra info, thanks.

    Michelle- He has some really tremendous ruins there.

  3. Your image of the sea plane abandon on the beachfront would be the perfect image for my book entitled The Last Flight of the Monsoon Goon. Would you permit me to use your photograph? I am a first time author and am self publishing this novel.


    Gus Hennessy

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