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Haikyo and photography links this week, as I’ve been off exploring the Internets for haikyo locations and photography inspirations.

David LaCahappelle– Thanks to Velo in the comments for this link, hyper-colorful surreal photos that you’ve probably seen before, as he shoots famous folk like Elton John and Pamela Anderson, for their album covers and whatnot.

Exploring the Paris Catacombs– Dweeb and some blokes from the UK Urbex site 28dayslater take a few days under Paris to explore and shoot photos of weird art, old graffiti, and bones.

Brooke Shaden– Thanks to J-eye for the link to this one, a photographer who does dead body shots in haikyo-type locations, plus some cool photoshop trickery.

James Okubo’s Showreel– I stumbled across this and liked it, fun clips of stuff.

Tokyo Times Haikyo– Lee went to the BE lab in Atami and posted his photos here- he’s one of the most regular haikyo bloggers (English-speaking) in Japan.

Art by Pavel– Future apocalypse shots/digital paintings, like the one I linked to for the story Route 66.

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