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Urban Explorer Rankings– Hilarious list of the XP ‘levelling’ structure of urban explorers, including pre-requisities and special skills conferred.

Level 3 (of 9) Pre-requisities:

 1 x hallway photo, open doors optional
    1 x apology thread, when called out for graffiti painted earlier in exploration career
    1 x evidence of partaking in a media article/show where you have defined urban exploration
    1 x evidence of thinking you are a ninja

Level 3 (of 9) Skills Conferred

Forum Owner:        One gains the ability to start their own forum to further their position in
                        in the community.
Nudity:             Explorer is now able to (poorly) augment their photos with nude models (fetish
                        type images not included).
Gimmicks (adv):     Explorer gains the ability to utilise various novelty cameras - holgas, lomos
                        polaroids etc to boost their artistic credibility. Also, one develops immunity
                        to their egregious use of a fish-eye lens.

I think I’m between level 2 and 3. I started taking art photos of myself in haikyo, started my own forum, but haven’t yet defined urban exploring to anyone.

Hotel Royal HaikyoPaul of Survivorship and Brian of Gaijinbash (who first found the Hotel Royal and tipped me off to it) go together to check out the Hotel Royal and find it much changed from the time of my visit.

My new Haikyo forum! – I don’t know if we’ll use it, but it’s there, as I found no other forum in Japan for non-J haikyoists.

Pearl Love Hotel Haikyo– Mike and I went together on this, I won’t post for a few weeks yet though so you can enjoy his first.

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  1. I’d rank you a bit higher:

    5 x photos of DISTINCT lonely chairs
    2 x explorations of sites outside your city, accessed with local help
    1 x successful evasion from security

    Though the “nudity” skill seems like a better “mediawhore” skill.

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