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Ever felt a little lonely at Sweets Time? Perhaps you needed a little support, a little pick-me up, someone to sing while you take a bite, whip out back-flips as you brush away crumbs, and rustle pom-poms and dance when you swallow. Who hasn’t needed that at Sweets Time? Disney is finally hooking us up.

There are 6 types of Sweets Time Mascots, all of them featuring Mickey’s grinning mug, each one with a different type of bready candy goods: cookie, doughnut, chocolate, waffle, pretzel, and macaroon. It’s not a real bit of food though- it’s plastic.

It’s a cell-phone strap that you can attach to your cell-phone and always have a Sweets Time Mascot with you. It’s kooky and fun. I’m going to give one to you! If you like Mr. M, or just need that Sweets Time cheerful accompaniment, or perhaps you collect cell phone straps and hang them off your hat or your bag or whatever, it might be for. Whichever- I bought 2, so I could open one, and you too could open one after I send it to you.

This is what I got. Is it a pink macaroon? I suppose it is. I tried to take a bite but it is definitely plastic.

So I’m throwing this Disney treat in with the Ikebukuro key-chain, and 2 more toy-type things over the next two weeks- to be won by one lucky tombola-ist in my ongoing tombola raffle. The deadline for this thing is around March 20th.

Want to enter? Ha ha, of course you do. Sweets Time Mascot! If you already entered for the Jingle keychain- you don’t need to enter again, you’re already in! Wink! 😉

If you didn’t already enter- here’s how:


Here’s what to do if you want this cell-phone strap, and also the next 2 toys / games products I feature on this site over the next month, plus the jingle key-chain from last week. Link to my site from your site. Sorry, forums and sidebars don’t count, it has to be in the main body. Then comment on this post, with the link to your site linking to me- so I can check. We both get links. You’re in with a chance to win awesome J-goodies!

At the end of March I’ll draw a winner (by checking your link in the comments) and send, yes by post, the gear to the chosen winner. Rock on?


1- Link to me on your blog (not forum or sidebar).

2- Comment on this post or one of next 2, including link to your site with link to me.

3- Sit back and wait for the goodies to roll on in!


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