Nanchatte Orange Soy Sauce

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Soy Sauce is ubiquitous in Japan- the Japanese splash it on everything with gay abandon: fried fish, chicken bones, california rolls, potatoes, ice cream, tea. You name it- they condimentize it with soy sauce. Some soy sauce companies- perhaps following their brethren in the candy and snack world- have taken to augmenting their soy with extra awesome flavors; in this case- Nanchatte Orange, by Cheerio.




Soy Sauce surrounded by little empty plastic fish- which come in bento lunchboxes filled with a single serving of soy sauce.

Nanchatte Orange Soy Sauce, though it may at first seem a little frivolous, is actually something of a purist’s delight. Squeezed from traditionally grown Soy fruits (they look a bit like eggplants- but grow on trees) in the Nanchatte region of Hokkaido (the northernmost island of the Japan archipelago), the Orange crystals are added just as the brew begins its 3-month fermentation process. I’d heard the flavor was light, with only a slight fructal tang. I was very much looking forward to giving it a taste test.

Nanchatte Orange.

I decided to test this soy sauce out with some fried fish I picked up from my local delicatessen.

Secondary Soy, Primary Soy, Fried Fish.

Bearing in mind recent innovations in Soy technology- I had my Secondary Soy on standby- the little bottle above.

See the video taste-test here:

Nanchatte Orange Soy Sauce from Michael John Grist on Vimeo.


Fried Fish.

Nanchatte Orange Soy Sauce.

Ach, real soy sauce! You’ve caught me out!

So- I lied about what this non-Soy sauce is. It’s actually orange juice in disguise. Also I made up the Nanchatte region of Japan, and that Soy comes from a fruit. Everyone knows it’s distilled from Soy beans. I’m a terrible person.

In fact- Nanchatte means- “Just Kidding”. The whole idea is for kids to freak out their parents by apparently drinking Soy Sauce straight- a feat even the hardest Brummie would gag at even the thought of.

I once drank the pickle-juice out of a jar of olives. Yuck, disgusting. I won some kind of bet though. I wonder if I could drink straight Soy Sauce?

Nanchatte Orange juice tasted just fine, by the way. Sweet and orangey.

Here’s the Nanchatte Website if you’d like to know more, and here’s the ‘shocking’ advertising video of a kid drinking straight Soy Sauce:

Here’s another video I found on Youtube showing a third derivation of Nanchatte Orange Soy:

Bottom’s up!

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    Deas- Cheers, it hooked me too when I found it in Don Quixote next to the soft drinks.

    Fifth Dream- I’d drink it, sure.

    Hao- With or without the cling-film?

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