The Mistman @ Byzarium

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My story the Mistman just went live at Byzarium!

“There was a village in the mountains at the top of the world that was always shrouded in mist. Its name was Ballahee, and in it lived a small community of people, good people, who tended to their crops on the mountainsides, and looked after their sheep and their hardy goats. The villagers had many problems, such as the cold winters and the wolves in the scrub-woods, but by far their biggest problem was the mist.

The mist had always been there, and the villagers knew there was nothing they could do to stop it. They could barely see each other out on the street, but that was normal, and they accepted it. They could barely see the earth to pull out their crops, turnips and potatoes. The school-children could scarcely see the school-teachers jottings on the blackboard in the school, and lovers could barely see their own names they had etched into the old oak tree behind the Jansen’s stead. But that was normal, and they accepted it. Things had always been like this in Ballahee. The villagers had tried everything, but nothing did any good, and they all thought the mist would always remain. That is, until the Mistman came. 2 This dark fantasy story just went live over at Byzarium, a sci-fi, horror and fantasy webzine. You can read the rest of the story here.

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