Snake Cat

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Snake Cat lives in the city’s gutters and drain-pipes, crawling along on his side, hunting Snark and weevils, distending his jaw to swallow them whole. He is lithe and lissome like freshly steamed yew, he can contort into the shape of the letter ‘O’ or even the letter ‘A’. His tail is prehensile like a monkey’s and he uses it to slide down power-lines and into the homes of unsuspecting Wombles- whom he also eats.

This was a rare day-time sighting of Snake Cat. Crawl, Snake Cat, crawl!

Video after the break.

I was in Kasai-Rinkai Park on Tokyo Bay with some friends for Power Kiting a few weeks back when we stumbled across Snake Cat crawling along on his bench. The video below shows me and Can Mike pestering Snake Cat and generally being nuisances, but I think he can take it- he’s big enough to let us pet him a little, but wise enough to lay a boundary of 1 or 2 seconds down, but also munificent enough to not forcibly extend his claws and lay down real damage when he whacks our hands away.

What a guy. What a cat. I guess he just really liked that bench.

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  1. The video was much more amusing than I remembered. Maybe the funniest bit was the end title with the words ‘snake cat’. Don’t know why really but I cracked up.

  2. Post

    Jason- I think he reserves that physicality for old ladies on trains…

    Can- It did turn out funnier than expected- and a lot easier to post than the power-kiting itself- lots of editing (groan…)

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