The Tower

Mike Grist Science Fiction, Stories 4 Comments

This is a short story set to music with visuals. It’s called ‘The Tower’. The visuals are from Sports World and the Negishi Grandstand. The music is by ‘A Silver Mt. Zion’- ‘Stumble and Rise on some Awkward Morning.’

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Comments 4

  1. Did you write that story Mike? Interesting in its darkness and strangness. I recognized your voice, guess you changed it somehow?
    Wouldve liked it even more if I didn’t know thase were the haikyo pictures.

  2. I was too squeamish to make it threw the video. I suggested a “graphic nature” warning be put on it. The parts I watched had good technique though.

  3. Post

    Can- thanks, yeah I wrote it, voice effect is just slowing it down- makes it also deeper.

    Jason- Squeamish from text- well, I guess that means it was evocative, which is good. Made it through yet?

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