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  1. I actually liked it!! It did a good job of showing what it was to do that haikyo, good pacing, minimal self-aggregrandizing….nice Can being the Can moments. Only the Can humping the fence was excessively dark, other parts I could see decently enough

    but still choosing super popular music….choosing some scary sound clip I hadn’t heard a 1000 times on LOST would have kept me thinking this is YOUR video, not making my mind jump to, “oh, that’s LOST.”

    Nice use of the current catch-phrase too

  2. Yeah I thought we sounded pretty professional actually, like we had rehearsed it all beforehand.

    Can being the Can moments?

    I concur that using the LOST opening sound was not a good move. Shouldve chosen something a tad more original.

    Your camera did a pretty good job of picking us up in low light conditions though, impressive.

  3. Post

    I like the bit where we’re listing all the things in the way of us getting in- sounds like danny ocean and brad pitt in ocean’s 11 listing all the things they’ll have to overcome in their heist.

    The LOST jingle- I take your point. It was fun to use, though I agree it obviously makes you think of LOST. I didn’t know where to find other creepy music though, and I certainly don’t know how to make it.

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