Kit Kat Triple Berry

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Kit Kat in Japan exemplify the gad-fly product life-cycle model that rules the confectionery business here, in that they constantly release colorful new but very short-lived product variants.

To see a wide range of past Kit Kat flavors- check out my friend Mike’s website, including white, peach, strawberry, bitter, orange, cherry, and cherry blossom.



The latest flavor, just released in the past day or so, is Kit Kat Triple Berry- with Strawberry (1.9%), Blueberry (1.1%), and Cranberry (2.8%). I guess Strawberry is a berry but it seems strange to think of it as such. Berries are normally round I’d say.

The packs are bright and exciting. Is that snow falling in the background, or stars? Neither really have anything to do with berries, but I don’t suppose that matters. Looking closely at the Nestle logo, is it supposed to be inside a heart? It’s kind of a mutant heart, if so.

The bars are a milky pink color, and give off a strong cotton-candy strawberry milkshake kind of smell, not completely unpleasant, but quite overpowering.

Chomp! As expected, it’s cloying and incredibly sweet, milky, I’d hesitate to say strawberry-flavored, preferring red-flavored. But, and this was the pleasant surprise, there was a slight kick from I suspect the cranberries, a sour tang in the aftertaste that was quite refreshing after the milky blah of the red flavor. Kit Kat Triple Berry- 3/5. Not awful.

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  1. Way out…wonder why they don’t have this in UK…where everything sweet is a hit. I guess it is milk chocolate with the berries thrown in. Do the Japanese eat as much candy/sweeties as the British?

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    It’s a good question, why products morph so quickly here. In England I’d say your typical range of candy in an off-license is much wider than in a conveni here- so perhaps they make up for that by rotating their products a lot.

    One thing that’s almost certain to happen is you get to like a product,then they discontinue it in favor of something else- it happens all the time.

  3. Alright, I always think about posting but never do, but now you’re into my field of expertise, which is Japanese Kit-Kats.

    Criminal that the maple was so short-lived, or the bitter orange which was great.

    This time this is a special limited edition for Tanabata, which is a holiday on July 7th (August 7th in Hokkaido for some reason) which celebrates an Japanese folk tale about a twos star who fell in love but were separated by the milky way and could only meet once a year on Tanabata :

    That’s the reason for the starry packaging and the triple berry theme… er… well, that’s the reason for the starry packaging at least.

    Right now in addition to normal, white, and strawberry minis, there are Triple berry, double berry mini kit-kat, Black sugar minis, mango littles, and azuki bean kit-kat, that are easily found in Tokyo. Bite-sized sakuranbo (cherry) kit-kat littles will be released on June 30th.

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    Jei- nice show of expertise, very impressive. So this is the tanabata Kit Kat- I know of that celebration. I would never have guessed they’d make a Kit Kay out of it- but why not right.

  5. My trivial knowledge of worthless information has been primed and ready to take on your site. Plus I have to support you as a loyal reader I guess.

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    This is my first time to experiment with Kit-Kats. Prior to this I always stayed with the old reliable regular red wrapper Kit Kat.

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    And I liked many of these items ” Kit Kat ”
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