$50 from TQR!

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The magazine that published Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand, TQR, have sent me my $50 stipend:

Along with a note:

Thank-you TQR!

Now, how will I spend the money? Probably not on beer. It should be something significant. Any suggestions?

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  3. Well done!! Can you spend a fifty dollar bill over there or do you have to change it into Yen…so how much will that be? Great.

  4. They sent you American cash in the mail to Japan!

    Is there anything you need to make you write more/better/more efficiently? Nicer notebooks, pens, etc? I like to spend money I make selling art on, well, art supplies. Feed the perpetual motion machine, or something.

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    Mom- I can change it into Yen and it’ll be about 5,000 yen, minus whatever they charge for the transfer. That’ll buy a good full meal in a pretty decent restaurant.

    Emily- I know, I expected a check- of course cash is better for me, to cash a check would have used most of it up I think. As for writing supplies, that’s a thorny one, but all I think I need is a mobile writing device- ie, Macbook, which I’m in the process of considering buying. We shall see…. How’s your painting coming along, by the way?

  6. I can confirm that if you had received a $50 check, ALL of it would be gone in cashing costs exactly. It just cost me $50 last week to cash my U.S. government tax refund check of $300. I let the bank know how ludicrous I thought the fee was. Oh, and it still takes 2 weeks to get your money!

    MacBook FTW! (though an updated model might come out in August)

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