Leanna Drew the Moon @ The Harrow

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My story Leanna Drew the Moon has just gone live at the The Harrow, yeah!

“Leanna knew she was a special little girl because the moon spoke to her.

She knew that it shouldn’t, and that she shouldn’t listen, but none of that stopped it from happening. She drew pictures at school of her talking to a big moon face and the moon saying things like “try eating those soap suds, Leanna,” or “that dog wants a bite of plasticine, go on,” and in the pictures she would go ahead and do it. The moon, after all, was her friend.

But it wasn’t always so nice…”

Read the full story at The Harrow.

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  1. This is just such a great story…READ IT all you people out there in cyberspace or wherever you are!!Bye from THE OLD KENTUCKY HOME.

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