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So, I moved into Ikebukuro area in the city center almost a year ago, but am only now getting round to putting up photos of my apartment.

Here it is:

This is from my kitchen area, looking left. You may have noticed the book of love on the black coffee table on the left hand side, next to the big bucket love seat. This is indeed the next book I am working on, of course under a pen-name, about the mating habits of the Japanese.

Here you can see my enormous water bed (with vibrate option, naturally, I just feed yen into the headpost), as well as the window looking out over Ikebukuro crossing.

This is a shot of my well-stocked book case. Atop it, the legendary Shogun, a game invented by the Shogi (plural of Shogun) in the Meiji period, to avoid actual bloodshed. Not to be confused with the chess-like game actually titled Shogi, in which the aim is for Shogi to co-exist peacefully (hence the plural form), wherein they sit around and talk about recent rice yields. The game Shogun by comparison is a blood-thristy affair filled with plastic screaming death, where only one may rule.

This is a shot looking back from the bed. Can you see the mouse? He’s well-hidden.

This is my work-station, a white cherry-wood desk, one of the last hewn from the now scrubbish hinter-slopes of Mt. Fuji. Above it you may notice the extraordinary occurence of 2 calendars. How can this be explained, you must be ruminating? Well, to explicate, one is from my dear pater, and the other from dear mater. Don’t they co-exist merrily? I think so.

Perhaps you see the mouse now. He is less bashful with time.

And so, until the next time, my apartment bids you adieu.

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  1. Tis nice to see Mater and Pater co-existing so peacefully, has been some time 😉

    Nice flat young man, very nice indeed. Like the sofa, it’s cool. xx

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    Thanks Al. I wish I could take credit for the sofa, but it was actually a parting gift from my Canadian friend Wendi who recently left Japan’s fair shores for greener pastures.

    I was writing my About page and was wondering if you’d want a mention or link. If so, what should I point at?

  3. Is no one going to bring up the elephant in the room that is the large screen T.V.?! Or did you mention that in another post called, “I’m a Lucky Bastard”? Thanks for the link to my blog. I’ll do the same tonight when I get home. And I’m sitting in front of the Etch-a-Sketch I lovingly call a television.

    PS: I spy…computer mouse?

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    Is that a large screen TV? Hmm, I scarcely even notice it these days.

    Did you see the (incredibly uncomfortable) latest episode of the Office? Michael has a plasma flat screen TV in that. Awesome. It slides right back into the wall.

    My pleasure about the link.

    Computer mouse yes wahey!

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  6. Hey Mike,
    That’s a great little apartment, everything contained, within reach and in it’s place :). I have the very same calendar, from your pater, adourning the wall of our bathroom. I found April a bit funny – the main subject of April seems to be two Stagecoach buses, hehe.
    It has been interesting to have a poke around your website and see what you’re up to. I shall probably add you to my RSS reader and keep up with your doings. Also I took a look at your Flatland mini-story and enjoyed it. I wasn’t really meaning to sit and read through it all as I’m at work and supposedly working, but I felt compelled to keep reading so I did. It was quite amusing, although I wasn’t expecting Fotheringay to end up there on his own and miserable. I thought perhaps the others might have found some better place beyond the edge and had decided to stay. Anyway, entertaining little story, I’ll have to read some more.
    Any news on your summer plans yet?

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    Hey Tomas, good to see you on here! Thanks for the comment on Flatland- I’m glad you enjoyed it. Poor old Fotheringay though right?
    Summer hmm, still up in the air yet, but am seeing what I can do 😉
    Do you have a blog I can check out/link to?

  8. No blog, but I am in the process of putting together a website covering the best in Chinese pop culture, including film, music, lifestyle, tech etc. We’re aiming to launch by the start of the olympics. I’ll keep you posted. I have two further thoughts on Flatland – one is that it has a kind of Pink Floydian feel to it, and two is that it would make a good animated short.

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    Chinese pop culture- do you have an interest in that, is it a commercial venture?

    Flatland- interesting comments, and I agree, it would be a fun animated short. I’d be thinking stop-motion with dolls, quite zoomed out so they always look small.

  10. I don’t have a particular interest in Chinese pop culture, but the guy I’m doing it with does, and my Dad’s new wife is Chinese :). We’ve only been designing it for a couple of weeks, and it might well morph into something slightly different, and potentially not Chinese at all, but we shall see!
    Perhaps you could get Tim Burton to make Flatland for you?!

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    Well, if you need a man in Japan- I can help out. Though I am woefully under-educated about the pop culture of this country.

    Tim Burton yeah- or, maybe I’ll make it myself! I’m very interested in video at the moment.

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    Timo- thanks. For a single guy in the city it’s a good size yeah. There are lots smaller (and of course, lots bigger too..)

    Maxx- Thanks, and it’s the thought that counts.

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