04 Jun

The half-built ruin of the Dreamer’s Gate

Before you stands a gate. It rears 7 meters high and the fence it bifurcates stretches on for as far as the eye can see. Its walls glisten and seem to move with a life of their own. Across their endless expanses giant figures burrow, retreating behind blankets of spiders webs, emerging again down spiral staircases far off in the distance. Through the gate you can see the Dreamtime. You see the pattern of the land, and the Songlines that have sprung up around it. Gaze into it for long enough and you might even catch a glimpse of the Creation.

The Dreamer’s Gate is an abandoned work of art, built by an Australian called Tony Phantastes over a 6-year period leading up to 1999. For the past ten years it has baffled passersby on the road into the small town of Collector, and been the target of community efforts to have it torn down for structural disintegrity. It is as yet unfinished.

Left, completed, section of the gate.

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