Hello to William Gibson

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William Gibson stopped by this website about 9 hours ago and retweeted my Sex Industry in Ruins article. That is awesome. On Twitter he goes by GreatDismal. GreatDismal RT : Love shacks: Japanese love hotels in ruins http://bit.ly/8pK10A I`ve read a number of Gibson`s books and always been impressed. Of course I`ve read Neuromancer, also Pattern Recognition and The Difference Engine. Excellent stuff. I suppose he is very interested in all things Japanese, which perhaps help explain what brought him to my site.

Top 5 Ruins of the Sex Industry

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In ruins the hidden secrets of sex are laid bare. All our most intimate truths come out in the wash. The den of our fornication will rot and mold will form on the sheets where we grunted out our last passions. Sex. In life, as in death, it’s a messy business. Here are five ruined dens of sex from around Japan. 1. The Akasaka Love Hotel ‘Love Hotels’ are a lot like roadside motels, designed with the express purpose of facilitating ‘relations’ between Japanese couples who still live at home, and have no access to a bedroom away from their parents. They are often cheap, and come in a variety of wacky ‘flavors’, decorated in garish hues, with flashing lights, …