Hello to William Gibson

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William Gibson stopped by this website about 9 hours ago and retweeted my Sex Industry in Ruins article. That is awesome. On Twitter he goes by GreatDismal. GreatDismal RT : Love shacks: Japanese love hotels in ruins http://bit.ly/8pK10A I`ve read a number of Gibson`s books and always been impressed. Of course I`ve read Neuromancer, also Pattern Recognition and The Difference Engine. …

Top 5 Ruins of the Sex Industry

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In ruins the hidden secrets of sex are laid bare. All our most intimate truths come out in the wash. The den of our fornication will rot and mold will form on the sheets where we grunted out our last passions. Sex. In life, as in death, it’s a messy business. Here are five ruined dens of sex from around …

First lesson with Alfie

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So today I had my first lesson with Alfie Goodrich, a pro photographer based in Tokyo. It was my first time to use the new SB-600 flash I bought for my camera, and first time to go off camera. It was pretty awesome, and I`m psyched about future possibilities, especially for haikyo, and shooting people in haikyo. We`ll see. Here`s …

Friend Bakery

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A tasty nibble I snacked upon in Kyushu- though probably available all over Japan. Just smack your surf-board sleeping friend over the head and bake her into a biscuit.       More Japangrish and J-products than you can shake a stick at.

Belly of the Whale – Yurakucho Forum

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I’ve wanted to shoot the interior of the Yurakucho International Forum for some time, but only now got round to doing it- pushed ahead by a meeting with international jet-setter and club photographer Joshua Dearing. We did a photowalk around the structure, then through Ginza, finishing up in the big Starbucks where we talked plenty about extending life and Apple’s …

All the Demolished Haikyo

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Several times people have asked me to put up a list of demolished haikyo, to save other people the inconvenience of heading to them and finding them gone. Fair enough- I would certainly have appreciated that info myself. This page is open to being updated- so if you’ve got fresh info about demolished or altered or inaccessible haikyo- please let …

Boyou Hotel Haikyo- Demolished

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A few weeks back I took the bus down to the bottom of the Chiba Boso Peninsula in search of the Boyou Hotel. I got to take the sub-Tokyo Bay Aqualine for the first time, which was cool, but I felt too ill to enjoy being on the Umi Hotaru.


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SY and I went to Fukuoka last week for onsen and haikyo- here’s a night shot from the 24th floor of the massive JAL hotel. That’s Fukuoka Tower on the right. Shots of the various haikyo (WW2 era suicide boat training facility, 19th century prison, Kawamina Shipyard, and the Russian Village-esque Porcelain land) coming over the next few weeks.

Volcano Museum 3. Return in HDR

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This was my second time to go to the Asama Volcano Museum. The first was on my first haikyo road trip back in 2007- back when I was packing only a cameraphone to shoot with and cared far more about the explore than I did about the photography.