Sagasu’s Life

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Sagasu was watching the child in the corner. The corner was dark, and the child was dark. Its mouth was open, always. Sagasu was grinding butterfly’s wings. He was mixing them with chalk dust and melted ox fat. He used a pestle and mortar and he ground them so the smell of ivory burning filled the air, and he clicked his teeth and sometimes he spat into the paste. He shaved a hammer and dropped the fine iron filings into the mixtures. He poured them out into a dimpled tray of eight metal cups, each as big as an egg, …

Namie Amuro, Double

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In mid 2008 Namie Amuro and Double got together to shoot a music video- Black Diamond, and I was one of the extras on the shoot. I didn’t get to meet them, nor take a photo with them, this is the story of my experience on the shoot. The photo is me with one of the other extras.

Mike buys a camera!

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What with all the blogging I’ve been doing recently, and posting photos and icons with every post, and recently buying a headset mic for doing podcasts and just generally gearing up, I figured it was about time I bought a half-decent camera. I’ve been shooting so far with a Sharp 910 camera phone. For a phone, it’s a pretty good camera. 4x optical zoom, 5 mega pixel. But because it’s so compact, the lens is tiny and junk, little light gets in, and it performs abysmally in anything less than bright day-light. Recently my buddy Canadian Mike got married (post …

Gundam Statue

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I’ve always loved Transformers. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, the lot. When I was a kid I collected them, once narrowly missing out on an original Megatron (used of course) at the Corn Exchange in Manchester due to not having the requisite fiver, though I partially made up for that by hunting out several of the Dinobots hidden deep in the shelving on the second floor of Boydell’s toy store in Bolton. Once in Boston, MA I found a used Soundwave (tape recorder) and snapped it up at once, along with I think Ravage the puma-tape, but I’m not sure, …

Walky Walky!

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I know when I take my hippo for a walk I entice it along with chocolate. My buddy Canadian Mike does a great line in posts about Kooky Japan- it’s fun, people like to read about it, and it drives traffic (come ye millions with your ad-traffic!), so I figured I’d give it a shot.