The Least – Zombie Ocean 3

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The Least is Book 3 in the thrilling Zombie Ocean series.

7 billion zombies. 1 paraplegic.

When the zombie ocean crushes humanity, ex-Olympic athlete Robert ‘Cerulean’ doesn’t stand a chance.

His spine is broken. His mind is broken. He’s a decent, kind man who has suffered far worse than he deserved.

He’s stuck in a wheelchair among 7 billion zombies.

Will he survive?

‘Born on the 4th of July’ crashes into the zombie apocalypse, packed with gore, twists and unbelievable heroism.


Amazon reader reviews for The Last (book 1):

“A thoroughly enjoyable zombie romp unlike any other piece of zombie lore I’ve come across.” – Dominic McCann

“Not your typical Zombie apocalypse book! Loved the ending.” – M. Barker

“By far this is the BEST zombie book I have ever read.” – Cherie Unsworth

“I loved it. You never know what is coming next.” – Shelly Newkirk


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Books 4-6 in the Zombie Ocean are also available:


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