New King Ruin cover!

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The new King Ruin cover is in and done- yet to be applied to the book itself, but this is what it will be as soon as I get time to update the book file:? KR-620

Wow, right?

KR-400I said it was sexy. I think it may look a little more cartoony than the Mr. Ruins cover, and I have mild concern that with a title of King Ruin, it is a little confusing to see a woman on the front, but other than those which I think are mild issues, it is fantastic.

Sex and blood and twin red suns in the sky. I am smitten.

I will definitely do an adventures in book marketing post for King Ruin, now that this is done, and the book has had three covers already. Without a doubt this is the best.

I can’t wait for the third and to have the set.

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