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I have written the first chapter of Zombie Ocean 3! Or TL3, as I call it (as each book’s title is The L….).

It is very different from what I expected. Will it hook people? Who knows. I thought the exact same thing about TL1 and TL2.

I was uncertain earlier about the start I’d made, but I just pushed through and it came good and conflict-y. I worry I know nothing about this field (inner city gangs!) but then whatever, that rule to only ‘Write What You Know’ is not one I agree with.

Cerulean has a heckuva past, basically.

In other news, the artist is coming back to me with close-to-finished drafts of the new Mr. Ruins cover. It is very different from others- Gothic, sci-fi, ruins, and vampire all in one. I suppose I will get him working on sequels shortly. Plus of course TL3!

Here is a link to his deviant art page.

For today’s pictures, there is more art, made by me when I was an infant. I found these as I was clearing out my mom’s garage, which was full of boxes of my old stuff (diaries, schoolwork, printed out copies of past novels). Enjoy!

Still art. I don’t know about you, but I mostly see the demonic scissors, not the camera.


A walking house beneath a red sun. I was into the surreal at a young age, it would seem.


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