Ignifer Tales

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IT-305Ignifer Tales is a collection of 7 epic fantasy short stories set in the world of Ignifer’s Mons, exploring life and death in the city at the center of the world, from battles over Damask in the Boomfire to the whale hunts of a pious Hammerhand, lost treasure in the underground birails, lost souls buried in the Gutrock, and the full tale of how Freemantle Mons made the sun rise again.

It is a companion book to the Ignifer Cycle, available in ebook formats here:

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Book 1 – Ignifer’s Rise

Book 2 – Ignifer’s War


When Killin Jack slaughters the last of the Bunnymen, lascivious cross-breeds that rutted the city of Ignifer’s Mons to the point of oblivion, he thinks his awful genocide is finally over. Then one last victim emerges; a baby, and Jack’s moral certainty falls away as the final leg of his long-wrought revenge begins.


If you’ve read the book and would like to review it, I (MJG, author) would hugely appreciate it. Even a few words on one of the sites below (or your own blog/social media) about your favorite bits (i.e.- it doesn’t have to be an essay!) would be very welcome. Thanks!

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