Cryogenic Love

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Here are more little people, this time sweating out a hot summer in giant bricks of ice. Like the aurochs from ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, they gradually melt free of their frozen prisons, to gallivant across the world and teach us all a thing or two about the most stylish way to wear swimming trunks.

Or perhaps this is a love story, not a southern-gothic fable, wherein two permafrost golems eyes each other through the glass walls of their cages, and by the heat of their endless ardour, over the extremity of centuries, finally burned their way free, to lie alongside each other and gasp at the air, look into each other’s eyes, and know communion on my draining board.

Ideally I wanted a mad scientist figure nearby, and I would have sub-titled this adventure something about, “They’re not ready to defrost yet!” But still, their love overcomes.

More of these images, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Hot as a steambath in July.

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  1. First of all,I must congratulate you Michael for designing this website so beautifully and putting up the fabulous pictures.I appreciate how perfectly and precisely you have captured them in your camera.The intriguing title Cryogenic love’ initially perplexed me but as I went on reading the post,I found it very innovative the way you managed to embed those tiny figures inside the ice and make them look really adorable.

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  2. I am to submit a project on ‘experimenting with ice’ next week where the students are supposed to showcase something unprecedented and creative.I found this post by co-incidence and at first look,I got confused that those small figures of a boy and a girl are placed on the top of the ice.But after a careful observation,I realized that they were inside the ice.I really appreciate this cool and fabulous thing.I am going to borrow your idea for my project.

  3. These figurines look so very cute and lovely. The look of this page is awesome. I think you would have taken more time to do these. They are so very adorable. Keep up the good work. You do need a lot of patience too to work on such miniature models. Looking forward for more updates.

  4. I stumbled upon here by accident but could not take my eyes off to this different,innovative yet quite appealing subject of this article.My sister had shared this link on her Twitter page.Initially I was reluctant to even have a glance on it as I dismissed it as a boring article.But once I started reading the post,I found it very entertaining and fascinating.It is so amazing to see how these small tiny figures are perfectly placed inside the ice by this technique so craftily and tactfully.I will definitely try it out for my daughter’s birthday party next weekend.and I am sure my daughter and all other kids would adore this idea.

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