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Two of my Tokyo architecture photos are currently on display in the Royal Academy of Arts, in London. They are part of an exhibition entitled Weird, Wacky and Wonderful in the Architecture space. That is pretty cool.

I was contacted a month or so back about the exhibition- with regard to this funky Gundam building in Shibuya:

It’s actually part of a local college for architecture.

I went to the Gundam building ages ago, when I was into photographing odd buildings just as much as I was into shooting haikyo. You can see more photos of it here.

The Royal Academy contacted me out of the blue, and of course I fell over myself to send them some photos. Here’s the display as it looks- thanks to Amy Bluett on behalf of Kate Goodwin, curator, for sending the shots.

Wonderful, weird, wacky.

Perhaps it is only one wall? Still, pretty great.

The Gundam building in the bubble, along with a closeup of its metallic joints.

This is great. Now I can add to my CV that my work has been featured in the Royal Academy of Art. Awesome.

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  1. Been there, photographed that (in the ’80s, I think). Congratulations on this and your entire body of work in Japan. For me, your photos of the New Sky Building in its distress was the knock-out pic. Thanks again.

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