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Since publishing my 2008 explore and photos of the abandoned US Air Force base in Fuchu, Japan, it’s been one of the most popular pages on this site. See it here. It has attracted hundreds of veteran airmen from the 50’s onwards to comment and reconnect with old friends and colleagues- some of whom at times sent me photos from the Base’s heyday to include in a heyday page.

This is that page. Thanks to 4 airmen in particular- Carl Lindberg, Cliff Cockerill, Bill Lambert, Dale Lingenfelter, and Donn Paris for taking the trouble to scan and send the photos from this most memorable time in their lives, but also thanks to everyone who got in touch with me or just commented on the main page to share their stories and memories.

Without further ado- on to the photos (comparison photos in ruin are mine).

Carl Lindberg

Photos in and around Fuchu AS, AUG65 to AUG67

“Fuchu became my first duty station, after I completed Tech School at Lowry AFB. I was assigned to the PACOM Elint Center (in the back of the base, across the street from the Hobby Shop & Education Center). I lived in the barracks close to the Airman’s Club and BX Cafeteria in the SW corner of the base. I have attached several photos of personnel and facilities from my time at Fuchu.”

Carl Lindberg, Shoreline, WA


Carl in front of the Airman’s Club

Carl & friends on the road towards Tokyo

HQ 5th Air Force, Fuchu AS

Higashi Fuchu Train Station, looking towards Tokyo

Carl hitting a foul ball across from NCO Club

Carl’s 56 Plymouth parked by my barracks

That’s a barracks at left, wholly covered in ivy.

Bill Lambert

“Have are a few photos I will share from 1961-1963.”

Bill Lambert

This was outside main gate. What was the G.I. name for the strip? Haun or hawn?

I worked on bottom floor, last window you can see on the right. 1956 Communication Group.

This is me in front of my barracks. My room was the next set of windows on left. The chow hall was directly behind us.

Overgrown shot for above.

You got to remember these girls! The Gay Little Hearts……… When they played the Airmen Club, it was packed. Do you have anything on them?
Had the right person brought them to the US, they would have made it big.

Inside Airman’s Club………Beer 10 cent & cigarettes 12 cent l-r James Burley-Jerry Palmer(The golfer Arnold’s brother) Frank Allison-James Bodiford(beer to mouth)-?-?-me – Michael Comer

Not the Airmen’s club, but one of the interior dorms in ruins now.

Dale Lingenfelter

“Here’s a couple pictures taken just out side my barracks in Fuchu, Japan…..1956, I was stationed in Fuchu from Jan 1956 to Nov 1957.
Two great years in my life!”

Dale Lingenfelter

Bicycling in front of the dormitories.

Upgrade to motorbike.

Cliff Cockerill

“I was stationed at Fuchu 3/53 – 3-56.. Worked in Tech Control in the 1956th AACS squadron.”
Cliff Cockerill


Fuchu Base entrance.

A nearby area, asphalt now covered in grass.

King Laundry just outside the gate

Looking down the strip just outside the gate

1956th AACS Communications bldg.

Communications Center for the 1956th AACS

Chow Hall for 1956th AACS

Cliff Cockerill near the station

Donn J. Paris

“Stationed at Fuchu from ’65-’67, I was surprised (shocked!) to discover what had happened to it.? Sadly, I took few pictures of the Station itself, but I have done some searching around and have rounded up some information on the Station as it was…”


Station outline with identifying index (from James Bodiford, provided by Charles Whitson.)

Aerial view of Fuchu AS, circa 1959 (from Jim Brownie)

Adjusted image from Google Earth to match layout of the aerial pic

Thanks again to everyone who posted and shared their comments and photos.

If you’d like to see more photos of the base as it is nowyou can see them here.

And you can see more photos of Japanese ruins here.

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  1. Hi Bill Lambert:

    I was stationed at Tachikawa from Jan 1962 thru May 1966.

    There was nothing that would get me to Fuchu faster than a Gay Little Hearts show.

    They changed their name to “Happy Coats” and later “Tokyo Happy Coats” and departed Japan for the US in mid 1964 and were on the Ed Sullivan
    show in Feb 1966. They also did an Al Hirt Show a few months prior
    to that,

    They cut 2 albums “Forevermore” and “Live” and also several singles on the now defunct “King” label. I know of no Videos.

    Sorry to say, they never hit it big and as best I can determine, none of their records were hits except possibly in Hawaii.

    As best I can determine, they suffered an identity problem in that people seemed to remember only the Korean :Kim Sisters” when it came to Asian
    girl groups.

    As best I can determine, the act folded in the mid 70’s.

    Their records are quite common on ebay with the prices going from not much more than the cost of the postage to extremely overpriced.

    Some of their music is on U-Tube including the Ed Sullivan gig but its
    audio only as the Ed Sullivan copyright owners had it pulled about 2 weeks after it was posted.

    I would really love to have a copy of that Ed Sullivan gig but I don’t see
    it happening.

  2. Thanks for the info. Hard to think they would be old ladies now. I have tried to find information on them as Happy Coats, but no live video. And the album cover with the short hair, not the way I remember them.

    1. Hi Bill:

      When the group did their last local gig in mid 1964 which was at the Sands Club, a Civilian club in the Stars & Stripes building in downtown Tokyo I was horrified to see the short hair. As it turned out, then and also on the night they departed Tokyo for the US, the hair was as we knew it and the short hair was only wigs for their new costumes. I have no idea what happened in that respect after that night in mid 1964.

      That “Live” album was done at the New Tokyo Hotel and it sort of reminds me of the AOM shows with plenty of noise from the audiance and the girls clowning around on stage.

      The “Forevermore” album is a real gem done in a studio with a couple of numbers done in Japanese that IMHO are downright beautiful.

      I can provide color photojs of the group as we knew them but they could be from any of 7 or 8 EMclubs that they were playing in Tokyo, Yokohama or Yokosuka at the time,

      1. I was in the army at Camp Zama from Dec 60 to May 63. The Gay Little Hearts were a favorite act at the EM Club. I have one of their photos that was on a board outside the club. I’m glad that I lifted it because it’s the source of great memories. It is not the same as the one that you have. I’ll try to get it scanned and forwarded.

          1. After much searching for the original photo I’ve settled for scanning a copy. But now I don’t have an email address to forward it to. Michael Grist, I need you!

  3. I was lucky enough to be stationed at Fuchu air station from 1955 until 1957, my gosh that sure does tell you my age doesn’t it ?( 80 ) Always enjoyed the Airmans club , like everyone else back then I was in love with ” Miss AGITA ” who would sign her heart out . Loved to hear her sign ” China night ” .The band was great too especially the trumpet player…. There was aplace right outside the base main gate that sold ” OSOBA” . Ther waitress was sure pretty too . OH I suppose I could write a book about my memories at Fuchu air Station .I was the illustrator assigned to Gen Robert Burns at the time . ( 22371 ) . Looking for my pal Don Bruno from Washington Olympia I think . We used to go to the gym and workout . If anyone might be interested in sending me an email , my address is newkirkb72@yahoo.com ……. would love to hear from anybody ….

    1. I was stationed in Fuch of 1957 and 1958. The duty was great. Would do it again if I had to. I would love to go back to see how things have changed. Our baracks was right behind the bowling alley. Snack bar was also close where we got van. cherry cokes, brings back old times. I was in the 1st comm tape relay that was in the 5th qtrs building We really had a good timer while we were there. Keep in touch/…..Jim Fenton

      1. I was at fuchu 1960-1961. my barracks was right behind the bowling alley also.
        I work in the carrier equipment room which was across the street. north side of the main building. one of my jobs was to maintain the fax machine in weather.
        It was a drum and took 30 min to send a map to the pacific. I thought it was stup
        when fax machines came out. little did I know.

        I had to laugh at some of the comments about the pelicans. One night myself and another drunk rearrange the pelicans

      1. I plotted weather maps in TWC at Fuchu from 56-58. i do remember the strip, ten cent beers and 25 cent hamburgers.


        2. I was there feb 1957 to aug 1958. Great duty,had a great time there. Our barracks was right behind the bowling alley. I was in the 1 st comm unit that worked in the 5 th air force headquarters building. Was a good tour of duty..Keep in touch and do you anyone who was there when I was there..Jim Fenton

          1. Jim Fenton you mentioned about getting a stack of Bill for $ 10 us dollar. My dad was stationed there from 58 to 61. I believe the exchange rate then was 360 yen to the dollar – so yes it was a lot.

  4. I was with 1956th Communication Group working for Sargent Cantler in charge of systems control and analysis. I used to play golf with Jim Palmer on General
    s putting green. Like the pictures. I have been looking for this base on Google Earth. No wonder I couldn’t see it. Keep in touch.

  5. My dad was stationed there from 1960-1963. Since there was no family housing on the base, we lived in a home in a commune after staying with friends and living in an apartment. I attended first grade at Green Park school.

  6. I was stationed at Fuchu from March of 1962 to March of ’64 and assigned to the PACOM Elint center via the 6000th support squadron. I very well remember the “hon” outside the front gate as well as the train station which we used frequently to travel to Tokyo. I lived in the second barracks north of the Airmen’s club and frequented the BX cafe which was just outside the barracks door. The picture if the Gay Little Hearts is very familiar. I also remember one night at the club when Little Jimmy Dickens preformed. I discovered among my “treasures” a map of the air station and if any one would like to have a copy, I would be happy to provide one. My email address is whitsoncd@hotmail.com. Would love to hear from anyone who worked at the Elint center, and others.

    1. Hey Charles, would love to have a copy of the map.
      Am I remembering correct, that a train came by ever 6 minutes?
      Also I remember at the busy stops, boys were hired to push passengers
      thru the door so that the ‘electricial eye’ would cause the door to shut.
      I have more pictures to post as soon as I get them all together.

      1. As I recall they did have pushers shoving the backsides of anyone still hangout of the cars. Also remember being able to see far down the coaches because of the height difference. Enjoyed going to Aoyama for the day. They had a confection shop on a intersection I think was called 5 corners. Too long ago to recall details.

    2. I was stationed at Fuchu from July 61 to May 63 and also worked at the Elint Center. I fondly remember Fuchu..

      I worked in a small group as an intelligence analyst. We published Air Intelligence Studies for PACOM. Personnel I remember are: Major Thompson, Major Traxel, a Navy Lt., a Warrant Officer, MSgt Moriki (Intelligence analyst), TSgt Thiebeau (an Illustrator), TSgt Chin (I think. He was an intelligence analyst fluent in Chinese),A2C Mike Knapp (clerk) SSgt Charlie Brown (illustrator). We also had a SSgt who ran the presses and another illustrator – SSgt Shelly something

  7. was rhere all of 56. worked in hq bldg. it then was hq feaf. so glad to find this website. brought back lots of fond memories. transferred to hickam in 57. favorite hangout on strip was ciros.

    1. Was there Sept 1956 to around June 1957 with 16th Communications squadron. Was supposed to be a 2 year tour but we were transferred to Hickam Hawaii. I was heartbroken and actually cried when leaving Fuchu.

  8. I was stationed at Fuchu January 67 thru Oct 68. 1956 Comm Gp Base Comm. Barracks was right behind the bowling alley. Left there for South east asia


    2. I was ther in 1957 to 1958, a a year and a half and we lived right behind the bowling alley, second floor, great duty love the time there and working teletype was a lot of fun. Keep in touch. Fond memories…Jim

    3. I was stationed at 1956 Comm Gp (AFCS) from Oct 1966 to Oct 1969. I worked in the AFCS Pacific Communications relay Station, played football on the Tachikawa AB team for summer practice and until the first game, when I was injured (both knees). That relay was automated just as I was leaving, so I refused to take the upgrade course, and went to the Base Comm Sta. I worked for the commander for about six months writing news articles for the Group, travelling to 1956 Comm Grp uni9ts on all the Japanese islands. Went through a big earthquake — wife went to a movie and my oldest son and I were resting on our bed — quake threw us off the bed and to the floor, and everything that was mounted anywhere, went to the floor. Totally scarey!!! But we were not injured. My wife worked at AAFES on Tachikawa AB for two years, and rode a bus back and forth. I rode a bus back and forth to Fuchu AS.
      Lived in the big converted Japanese Aircraft Factory of WWII, converted to
      family housing, on first floor, F Wing, last apartment, ground floor on right wing.
      Four floors, sports stuff on the roof, and basement held commissary, shopping,
      barbershop, bowling alley, movie theater, and more. I think it was called Green Park. Totally interesting three (3) year tour. The main article here is the first I have heard of the base being closed, or of Tachikawa being closed.
      Amazing how times moves on!!!


    1. Dave you might know my Dad, Lt.Col. “BJ” Bjornson? He was Base Commander at Fuchu until it (mostly?) closed – later he closed Tachikawa as Base Commander…so sorry to hear of your loss of Michiko – one of my favorite Japanese names…


        1. You probably were in one of the Generals Quarters- we lived in regular housing at Fuchu. When we lived at Tachi though before it closed we lived in the Generals house, even had maid’s room – but no maid LOL

      2. Laura, I was at Fuchu Air Station Jan-Dec 1974. Your dad signed my Permission to Marry letter that “authorized” me to marry my Japanese fiance. We married in November 1974 and have been happily together ever since. Every once in a while, I’ll Google Fuchu Air Station with the hope of running across someone I knew from that time frame.

  10. Would be great to see any ‘Fuchu’ pictures. I left there in November 1963.
    Had the Tokyo Sweet Hearts played at that time? I remember a great
    ‘County & Western Band’ (as it was called then), but do not remember the
    name of the band. Loved my two years at Fuchu, but was happy to go
    back ‘State Side!’

    1. Hi Bill:

      Sorry for the long time getting back to you. I can’t explain why but my IE browser would not bring up this site and I gave up trying a couple of months ago. Anyway, It works tonight and I’ll start checking back a little more often now.

      I got there (Tachi) in Jan 63. The only girl bands I remember were “The Pineapple Sisters” (I think) and “The Western Angels” Both were not really into our culture enough to make their presentation that great but they were fun to listen to and easy on the eyes..

      Like I said earlier, I will be glad to send Gay Litttle Hearts photos. In fact I have one of their promo pictures in the very same outfits shown in the photo on this site. Can I attach a photo to one of these replies or must I go through the person who manages this site? Just tell me how to do it.


  11. So you have a fantastic photograph’s and these would must remember the older days of us,isn’t it? . And you guys are worked in “Fuchu”, that is great one to hear. And you said the blog is the only way to reconnect our older friends. And i tell you have a wonderful photograph’s and information for us. Because we don’t know how is our place in 60’s. Now i know it from your photo’s.

  12. This was my favorite assignment out of the 10 years I spent as a Tech Controller…right out of tech school… I was at the digital tech control in the main building from 10/78 until 10/80 when I went back to Keesler to teach in Alley Hall. I’ve got some pics inside the DTC somewhere in my trove….

    1. I was NCOIC of digital tech control from 6/75 to 10/78. Lived at Tachi until it closed then moved to Yokota until I rotated back to states. As a matter of fact my daughter was born at Tachi base hospital. Loved that assignment, even with the drive from Yokota to Fuchu everyday.

  13. Actually this message is very good for sharing. But sometimes we seen the places that we are live in that place. That place is now destroyed,we have some disturbed feelings. The great that i have made from this article that we must share our older photo’s,share and connection with our friends. Cause, older friends of ours can make the days of older that we spend. “Fuchu” airbase,you all work together in the same place,that’s great.

  14. Yo !!! It’s pretty incredible !

    My dad wroks there around 1968. We lived somewhere near in a little house for 2 or 3 years, but I don’t remember a lot of things assuming that I was 5 years old…

    But, the third picture let me a feeling of ‘déjà vu’.

  15. My ex-husband was stationed at Fuchu from 1965 to 1968. I worked first at the PACOM ELINT Cetner and then 5th Air Force, Material. During the time I was with 5th Air Force, the Puebleo was seized and we were all really busy. My husband was with Air Weather Service. We lived at Green Park. My son was born at Tachikawa while we were there. Those were some good times.

    1. Hi, we lived at Green Park from April ’63 to February ’67. My dad, Msgt James Mahoney, was NCOIC of Security Police at Fuchu. We have photos of him, sometime fairly soon after the war, on a detail that was building and organizing Fuchu AS. If you frequented the NCO Club at Green Park, you might have known my mom, Jo Mahoney (Miss Bingo).

      I have a 1966 US Forces Japan phone book. Were you at GP 2856, D-262? We lived on F-wing and I was just about a professional babysitter, as well as a jr. lifeguard at the pool. We may have crossed paths!

  16. I was stationed at Fuchu from June 1966-Dec 1967 then was moved to Grand Heights. Worked at Tokyo Int Airport [Haneda 1966-1968] Have many photos of Fuchu, Tach and Tokyo AMT at Haneda.Does anyone have a roster from these places. I’d love to get in touch with those that may have been stationed at any of these during my stay in Japan. I have two thick albums of my stay in Japan-Tokyo, Tokyo Tower and other places. Please contact me on Facebook or through my e.mail jglord@comcast if you would like to share information on Japan. George S. Lord USAF 1966-1968. Thanks

  17. Arrived at Fuchu in Aug ’63; luckily was there to Aug ’67; Airways – RJTZYS;
    over to the 2016 Comm Sq, Dover AFB, DE; fun year with the 834th Air Div,
    Airlift Control Center (ALCC) Tan Son Nhut ’68-’69; a couple of years with Incirlik Airways, Adana, Turkey; spent the rest of my time behind a desk; would really like to hear from old buddies; email seknobby@comcast.net

  18. I was stationed at Fuchu Air Station from 1966 to 1968. I was with Detachment 1 of the 6988 Security Squadron out of Yokota AB. We monitored communications of all types for leaks of classified information. I loved the place. Close to Shinjuku and Ginza. I played basketball and traveled some to play as well. I made good friends with some baseball players. One was Tsuneo Horiuchi who was a very good pitcher for the Yomiuri Giants. I have lots of good memories of Japan, the base and my buddies there. I rotated back to the states and finished out my enlistment at NSA outside Ft. Meade. I was also a good friend of Takeo Imai who owned a bar outside the base called Les Girls. He was a huge baseball fan and had been to the states many times. Nickel beer at the Airmen’s club in the summer by the pool was terrific.

    1. Hi Dave, I too was stationed at Fuchu from 6-’69 thru 2-’72 as a Security Policeman. I mainly worked as the Desk-Sgt for “A” Flight. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour there: many softball games at the fields next to the NCO Club, Many beers IN the NCO Club, riding my motorcycle with friends all over Japan……and Yes Indeed the best way to end an evening of a few beers was at the base bowling alley with their burgers (especially with onions) take care, this brings back great memories

    2. I have been trying to find any information about Takeo Imai. Can you tell me how he is and if he can be contacted.

      Thanks, Joe Townsley

  19. stationed at Fuchu from 1961-1962. assigned to hq 1st weather wing.barracks right along side of the bowling alley. (best burgers in town.)

  20. I was at Fuchu 1972-1974. 1956th Comm and worked in the aeronautical station. Was there when it closed and we moved to Yokota. I lived in a papa-san house just outside of Tachikawa. Would love to hear from anyone there during that time. I left Yokota in Dec. 75.

    1. I PCS’d from Andrews to “Fuchu Airways” in June 1973 where I was assistant Shift Supervisor on Stuart Fredman’s crew. I lived in the 1956th dorm across from the BX and later moved up to the “800” area dorms by the back gate. I hated it when we moved to Yokota. I remember instead of moving the Scope Control console from Fuchu they installed the one from the old Kadena Aero. Station. Living on the dorm on Tachi wasn’t too bad when we made the move to Yokota in 1974, but I really missed Fuchu.

      I was stationed back at Yokota in 1983-85 as Super. of Radio OPs, still missed Fuchu.

  21. I lived at Fuchu from Nov 1963 till my parents rotated back to the US in August, 1965 (altho I was in college in the States for the school year of 64-65). We lived in the converted warehouse that faced the railroad tracks. Also in our building was Col. Dean Hess who had written the book Battle Hymn (and the movie of course followed with Rock Hudson playing his part). We had lived at Grant Heights until my father found some loophole that allowed a civilian to live on Fuchu – we had a 2 bedroom apt that had a beautiful Japanese garden behind it. It wasn’t far from the O Club and not to far from the Generals’ quarters. One of my friends was Terri Buck whose father was a Col – I lost track of her sometime when I was in college. Her dad was quite well known at the time but I don’t remember why – My dad was the Director of Civilian Personnel for the 5th AF – don’t know exactly what he did but he would travel around Japan, Korea, the Phillipines, etc. Don’t think there was anything cloak & dagger about his job but who knows? I loved living at Fuchu – had a great library, BX, snack bar etc. Went to Chofu the last 6 months of my high school days after going to Narimasu for 2+ years – loved that we were one short ride away from Shinjuku – I have been back 3 times since 65, once in 82, 93, and 2002 (with my dad in 2002) – wish I could go back to the time when 360Y was the exchange rate – although I found some great rates at the Shinjuku Hyatt (a lovely hotel)

  22. “68 Feb, it was I went there with assignment of working in the RADAR division though it was a part of Aeronautical division. A tummy bug did me in in Sept ’68 only. You cleared some memories and some desire to work there came flooded with the pictures. Thank you.

  23. Lived there from 1959-1962, father was stationed there. Can remember the base house we lived in was on Cherry Street and on a clear day you could see Mt. Fujiyama from the backyard. Went to Sancta Maria Missionary Academy in Tokyo and remember my brother an I takintg the train to school. If memory servesme correctly, weren’t there old bunkers for WW-II Japanese aircraft on the base?

  24. I was at fuchu from Jan 1957 to Aug 1958. Was in the 1st comm. Our barracks was right behind the bowling alley, the duty there was great and had a great time, would like to go back but I know it is no more, but what great time we had. If you know of anyone in the 1st comm please let me know. That for all the info…Keep in touch…..Jim Fenton

  25. worked on fuchu 3 years played golf 4 holes that was for the general he let us use it ived in whitman haven goood assignmen then went to the pentago

  26. I was NCOIC of 5th AF ADOT then the Det 1, 621 TCS Air Defense Laison Element from Jun 1986 to Jun 1990. We were a 10 man AF unit attached to JASDF ADOG (Air Defense Operations Group). The only Americans actually stationed there. I also took care of the comm site. It was great to look at all the old pictures on the site. Brings back some very great memories. Made some life long JASDF friends. In my 4 years there, I was actually able to roamed the whole base. Would have loved to see it when it was up and running.

  27. I processed thru Fuchu 1st week of December 1951. Boarded the USS Breckingridge 12 December at Yokohoma, arrived Washington Nat’l airport 9:00 PM Christmas Eve night.
    Happy to leave Japan (1950-51, but many good memories of Japanese people and opportunities during 16 months while stationed at Ashiya, Kyushu.(Korean War)

  28. I had to travel from Green Park to Fuchu for my orthodontics with a Dr. Duda, or Juda. I’ll say he wasn’t my favorite person. I did love to go to Fuchu to shop and I loved the look of the base with all the lovely pine trees. Most military bases had such gracious open spaces, unlike wall to wall American towns. I remember going by gardenia bushes when I’d visit my dad at 5th AF Headquarters, but when I look at photos of the building I don’t see the bushes I remember. Am I having delusions?

  29. I was stationed at Fuchu from 1959-1961 serving as the evening med tech at the 6000th USAF Disoensary. I then moved to Grant Heights in 1961- 1963 when Tachikawa took over operations as Det 5 USAF Hospital Tachikawa. MSGT Roy Rittenhouse was the unit first sargeant and was a terrific guy. He tried to get me to re-enlist but it was time to go home. I attended collegee, went back into the Reserves (my wife wanted no part of active duty) and retired from Westover AFB as a LtCol in 1990. I really enjoyed my stay at Fuchu especially Amy from the Lion BAr.

    1. I was in the P55 group. Worked as repair tech. Left Fuchu in 1968. Don’t recall your name but we must have worked together at least in the aisles.

      1. I was in maintenance too. We would listen for those 3 bells- ding-ding-ding- and go out and see what was wrong. I certainly remember working there but not many names. Tech school in 64-65. Then went to Warner Robins and then Fuchu 67-68.

        1. My first station was Carswell. JFK visited our base the day he was shot. Probably spent too much time at Les Girls and don’t recall all the names. Did have fun one night when we had a cross office short and had way too much brass in the center. Had to call in the heavy guns to solve that one. Scary LOL.

          1. We must have been on the same shift. I remember that cross office short. There were people crawling around on top of the equipment that I didn’t even know could work on it. I remember they got a little paranoid about signal radiation once and had to put in shielded cable. I remember how busy we were when N. Korea took the Pueblo. I also remember cleaning floors.

            1. I was the first guy on top of the equipment and didn’t want to come down until the brass left. Our boss was slow to respond to our call for help. Told me later how he had saved my ass by adlibbing on the daily report. Bet he forgot to mention he waited for a couple of hours before deciding to come in. Didn’t matter though because he didn’t know what the problem was either. Had to call in the brains. Couple of people I do recall were Sgt. Ogleton and Campbell. Sgt. Ogleton vaporized a very large screw driver trying to tighten a screw in the track above the stations. Burned his face pretty badly. Also in the squadron was a Sgt Brisky. NCOIC of squadron aka “the fighting 56th” LOL.

              1. Joe…I was stationed at Carswell from 1/64 to 2/65 with P-55. Do you recall Sgt Tasa? Sgt Wells went from Carswell in ’65 to Fuchu , where I was stationed from 5/65 to 2/67.

                1. Hi Tim:
                  The names sound familiar but it’s been so long I can’t honestly say I knew them. I think I worked with S/Sgt Tassa and also S/Sgt Brown. Until the senior repair tech showed up I stayed on top of the bay. Turned out one of the cables I had ” re-connected” during the trouble shooting part was not supposed to be connected at all. Ooooops, my bad:). Every now and then another name flashes by. Hard to believe that was over 50 years ago. I was 19 going on 20 when I got to Fuchu. Joined at 17.

                  Wish I could get back and visit but all I knew back then is pretty much gone. Sad but inevitable I guess.

                2. Just thinking about the cross connect and I think the main man to solve the problem was T/Sgt Crawford. Funny how memory works:)

  30. I was stationed at Fuchu from Aug 72 to Nov 74 (one of the last to leave as the station closed at that time). Worked at the microwave maintenance shop above Tech Control in Bldg 690. Worked at the Digital Tech Control located in the old 5th AF HQ building from 79 to 82.

    1. Smitty,
      I served at Fuchu Microwave from July 73 to October 76. I truly enjoyed my time at Fuchu. I hope you are doing well. Do you remember Bill Spontak, Brian Powers, Rick Volastro, John Farace, and many others. Let me know if you get this message.

    2. Smitty,
      This is Jack Gibson. You knew me as A1C Gibson and later as Sgt. Gibson. I worked as a tech. at Fuchu Microwave. I was there from July 1973 to October 1976. Contact me at jaygibson@suddenlink.net.
      I’d certainly enjoy speaking with you and any of the other guys from Fuchu Microwave.

  31. This article is like a remembrance for many people who have posted their comments here. I haven’t worked or been there, but liked this article. The pictures are really great. This article has brought many smile to many people.

  32. Was at Fuchu from 1966-1968….assigned to 1956 CG..worked PAFCO Torn Tape Relay and 5thAF Command Post Comm Center…. Barracks was Bldg 230.

    1. Check out my picture standing in front of barracks 230. Left there in 1963. Hope I left the place clean!!!!!!!

      1. Was at Fuchu 61/63. Was assigned to 56 Comm gp but worked for a long time with the 6988 security sq. Had such a good time there but have no pictures, never stayed sober long enough. Was able to leave Fuchu with a clean record but don’t know how. Still have great memories and wish I could do it again.

        1. I remember a guy that was roommate with John Greer. Cannot remember his name, but remember he like to drink/party a lot. Could this have been you?

          1. Yes, I did room with Greer which had more sense than I did. Guess I did what I wanted but regret not doing more of the finer things when I was there. Old age catching up with all of us. My real name was Abreo but most called me Abe. Tell me something about yourself, maybe I will put it together and remember something about you. Where are you living now? I am in Houma, Louisiana.

            1. What is the odds of finding Greer’s room mate? Last I heard anything about Greer, was I located a friend of his name Tracy Swartzendruber, and he and John went from Fuchu to England together. He said John was the best man at his wedding. John and I went to Fuchu at the same time from basic. Were in school there. I was laying on my bed one day, playing a Ray Charles album. He stop by and said that was one of his favorite singers also. We became friends and ‘running pardners’for the next two years. I can only remember you in the barracks, and being
              ‘John’s roomie’ . I went to Seymour Johnson after Fuchu, two years and back to home in WV. Still here. I have tried everyway to locate Greer on the inter-net, but no luck. I remember him being from Huntington Beach, California, and he would be about 70 years old now, going on 16. I have a picture of him I will post if I can remember how to do it. Thanks for responding to my post.

              1. Having a ‘senior moment’, someone please give me step by step instructions on how to post a picture to this site. Thanks

                Edited by MJG-

                Bill sent me this by email:

                This is John Greer from Huntington Beach, California. He was stationed at Fuchu AFB
                1961-1963, and may have stayed there longer. Went from Fuchu to a base in England.
                Would like to get in touch with him, or someone that may remember him. Thanks, Bill Lambert

                John Greer 001

                1. Post
  33. My dad was stationed there from 1953-1958. Since there was no family housing on the base, we lived in a home in a commune after staying with friends and living in an apartment. A year and a half and we lived right behind the bowling alley, second floor, great duty love the time there . Those were some good times.

  34. I was in the 1956 AACS from Jan 1956 to Nov 1957 was anybody else their at that time and in AACS?

  35. Dad Lt. Col. A.R.Bayer at Fuchu ’59-’62. Lived at Green Park in a 4 bedroom, we were so lucky. Did not know what he did, he traveled a lot, visited him often at Hqtrs. A wonderful station and mom loved it all; they made sure I traveled with them. Went to the DMZ on the Breckenridge in ’62, such memories, especially now.

  36. I was clued into this web site by a friend. I was stationed at Fuchu DTC from May 76 to May 80. Lived just off base at Tachikawa. Later on base housing at Yokota. Really enjoyed my time there before PCS’ing to Germany. Saw a couple of familiar names above. Great pictures!

  37. Great blog! Oh what memories of great times, great friends and trips all over Japan, although sad to see FAS as it is now (heart-breaking).

    I was at Fuchu Air Station from October 1969 to November 1973 and worked as an executive secretary for the commander of the 20th Weather Squadron. Prior to that I worked in the Department of Transportation at FAS. Delores Boggs Humphrey…it’s me…Marilu Aguilar. You, Fran and I hung out together and had some great times. Remember? I saw your post in an earlier blog (posted March 15, 2011), but comments were closed. I’m hoping you read this and will contact me. Would like to know how you’re doing and if you’re in touch with some of our mutual friends, too.

    I had my first burger with mayo and ketchup at the bowling alley…something this Texas girl had never heard of much less consumed… thanks to Nick from Chicago. He also taught me how to bowl there.

    It was a privilege to represent the U.S. in Japan. The people of Japan were wonderful. Who remembers Mike (Japanese but this was his American name) who worked at the Service Club and the Christmas parties for the orphans? Some of you reminded me of my camping at Tama.

  38. You were there the same time as my father, Staff Sgt. U L Ridings. He’d take me to the base on Saturdays for the kiddie matiné. I remember once he thought I should see the documentary of the Nurnburg trials. That made a deep impression, as you can imagine. I was in the 3rd grade.

    Recognize so many things …

  39. First of all I want to congratulate you for designing this website so creatively and the picturesque clicks.I too love to appreciate pictures of different places clicked years back. My father has been to Japan and still cherishes all those good memories with his friends he spent there.For me there is always an unspoken attraction for Japan from all those stories my father had narrated to me.Recently in 2010 I visited few cities on west coast and was shattered to witness the destruction of that deadliest disaster Tsunami.Your post recollected all those memories back in mind and I will never be able to forget it.

  40. I really enjoyed reading about Fuchu Air Base and seeing the before and after pictures. My late husband S/Sgt. William J. Brown was stationed there from March 1954 until September 1955. I did not get over to Japan because . I was at home raising our daughter..

    I can see you have put a lot of time and work into doing this and you are to be commended. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it and just wish Bill were still living to see these.

    Thank you so much for all your work. I would love to hear from anyone who was over there the same time Bill was.

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