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Since publishing my 2008 explore and photos of the abandoned US Air Force base in Fuchu, Japan, it’s been one of the most popular pages on this site. See it here. It has attracted hundreds of veteran airmen from the 50’s onwards to comment and reconnect with old friends and colleagues- some of whom at times sent me photos from the Base’s heyday to include in a heyday page.

This is that page. Thanks to 4 airmen in particular- Carl Lindberg, Cliff Cockerill, Bill Lambert, Dale Lingenfelter, and Donn Paris for taking the trouble to scan and send the photos from this most memorable time in their lives, but also thanks to everyone who got in touch with me or just commented on the main page to share their stories and memories.

Without further ado- on to the photos (comparison photos in ruin are mine).

Carl Lindberg

Photos in and around Fuchu AS, AUG65 to AUG67

“Fuchu became my first duty station, after I completed Tech School at Lowry AFB. I was assigned to the PACOM Elint Center (in the back of the base, across the street from the Hobby Shop & Education Center). I lived in the barracks close to the Airman’s Club and BX Cafeteria in the SW corner of the base. I have attached several photos of personnel and facilities from my time at Fuchu.”

Carl Lindberg, Shoreline, WA


Carl in front of the Airman’s Club

Carl & friends on the road towards Tokyo

HQ 5th Air Force, Fuchu AS

Higashi Fuchu Train Station, looking towards Tokyo

Carl hitting a foul ball across from NCO Club

Carl’s 56 Plymouth parked by my barracks

That’s a barracks at left, wholly covered in ivy.

Bill Lambert

“Have are a few photos I will share from 1961-1963.”

Bill Lambert

This was outside main gate. What was the G.I. name for the strip? Haun or hawn?

I worked on bottom floor, last window you can see on the right. 1956 Communication Group.

This is me in front of my barracks. My room was the next set of windows on left. The chow hall was directly behind us.

Overgrown shot for above.

You got to remember these girls! The Gay Little Hearts……… When they played the Airmen Club, it was packed. Do you have anything on them?
Had the right person brought them to the US, they would have made it big.

Inside Airman’s Club………Beer 10 cent & cigarettes 12 cent l-r James Burley-Jerry Palmer(The golfer Arnold’s brother) Frank Allison-James Bodiford(beer to mouth)-?-?-me – Michael Comer

Not the Airmen’s club, but one of the interior dorms in ruins now.

Dale Lingenfelter

“Here’s a couple pictures taken just out side my barracks in Fuchu, Japan…..1956, I was stationed in Fuchu from Jan 1956 to Nov 1957.
Two great years in my life!”

Dale Lingenfelter

Bicycling in front of the dormitories.

Upgrade to motorbike.

Cliff Cockerill

“I was stationed at Fuchu 3/53 – 3-56.. Worked in Tech Control in the 1956th AACS squadron.”
Cliff Cockerill


Fuchu Base entrance.

A nearby area, asphalt now covered in grass.

King Laundry just outside the gate

Looking down the strip just outside the gate

1956th AACS Communications bldg.

Communications Center for the 1956th AACS

Chow Hall for 1956th AACS

Cliff Cockerill near the station

Donn J. Paris

“Stationed at Fuchu from ’65-’67, I was surprised (shocked!) to discover what had happened to it.? Sadly, I took few pictures of the Station itself, but I have done some searching around and have rounded up some information on the Station as it was…”


Station outline with identifying index (from James Bodiford, provided by Charles Whitson.)

Aerial view of Fuchu AS, circa 1959 (from Jim Brownie)

Adjusted image from Google Earth to match layout of the aerial pic

Thanks again to everyone who posted and shared their comments and photos.

If you’d like to see more photos of the base as it is nowyou can see them here.

And you can see more photos of Japanese ruins here.

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  1. Hi Lisa. Fuchu did not have an air field. There was a chopper pad between the Airman’s club and the gate. I was there 4 years and it was not used much.. One night when I left the club talking to the train station I saw a motor cycle rider run into the cable neck high that went around the chopper pad.

  2. My parents were there in the mid 60s – Jerry and Connie Miller. They had 3 sons – Mark, Eric and Tom. I was adopted from Korea as a baby.

    I came across a pic of me with my new mom and had an address 421-C Kanto Mura Fuchu, Japan and dated Oct 17, 1967.

    My oldest brother, Mark, would have been 10, Eric, 7 and Tom, 4.

    Would love any info, stories if anything jogs anyone’s memory.

  3. My family were stationed at Fuchu 1959-1962. My dad was Major Emil Pindzola, worked in the motor pool. My mom was Marthe Pindzola, worked as a Red Cross volunteer. Their 3 children were Stephen, Mike , and Cathy.

  4. I was a Yeoman Second Class Petty Officer (E-5) U.S. Navy, attached to the Headquarters, U.S. Forces, Japan (J-4 Logistics) Jan ’69 to Jan ’72. My wife and I lived at the Military Housing Center, Green Park. I used to spend my lunch break at the Bowling Alley on base at Fuchu AS. They had “red pin” bowling. If the bowling pin painted red came up as the head/#1 pin and you threw a strike (knocking all the pins down), you got a free hamburger/fries lunch. I was a pretty good bowler back then…and didn’t go hungry. I preferred that than going to the Enlisted Club or the Mess Hall. USFJ was my first shore duty after four tours off Vietnam in the Tonkin Gulf on two destroyers (one tour each) and one aircraft carrier (two tours). Green Park was torn down a couple years after I left Japan and turned into a public park. I still have a lot of fond memories.

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