Vanilla Ice Second & more Japangrish

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Perhaps you’ve always wondered. Perhaps you used to protest to your friends until they branded you the group’s uncool pariah- “No, but listen, a Vanilla Ice comeback really WOULD be awesome.” At which point you probably broke into song:

“Alright, stop, collaborate and listen-“

I recommend you listen to Ice himself while reading the rest of this post.

Ice on? Alright, let’s get down to it. What would a Vanilla Ice comeback look like?

Japan has come up with an answer.

Was this intended as a sequel to the actual Vanilla Ice? Who knows. Perhaps an inducement for all Vanilla Ice fans to take cheaper holidays in Japan?

Well, in this case, it’s a specimen from JoJo’s adventures, some kind of manga or anima.

Not your grand-daddy’s Vanilla Ice.

In the immortal words of Ice himself-

“I’m a lyrical poet.”

And some other Japangrish bits and bobs.

Here are two images to chew on-


Ugh, sounds gross? What could it possibly be?

Ground-up fairy in every garment- guaranteed.

Yup, a clothes shop for kids. How nice.

And finally, to top things off on a crude note-

Drawing circles on your Ass since 1925.

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