10 Abandoned Haikyo Vehicles

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The haikyoist must be ready to use any means of conveyance at his or her disposal. If that means hot-wiring an old mammoth or jerry-rigging an escalator to run like a hamster-wheel, so be it. It`s just another part of the infamous haikyoist`s creed – take only photos, leave only footprints, don`t touch the fire extinguishers, and ride it if you can.

Russian Village theme park.

Okutama ropeway car

Fire truck in Nichitsu ghost town

Shin Shu Kanko hotel escalator.

Massage chair (go-kart?) from Toyoshin convalescent hospital

Yamanaka lake boats near the Resort Hotel

Seigoshi mine cart.

Sports World theme park back alley.

Abandoned jumbo jet in Seoul.

Gunma Ski Lift.

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  1. Mammoth, because it will be the easiest to hotwire, and let’s face it; the risk of getting fatally wounded is wayyyyyyy lower riding that thing compared to the other choices 😀

  2. Post

    Leongsoon- I`ll confess here that I did ride it- in fact you can see me riding it on the video, and it was pretty dangerous as it went out of control and nearly knocked over my camera tripod! Phew, all worked out OK though.

    Dave- Seconded. The jacuzzi in the back of the mammoth should be a big selling point.

    Will- Thanks, the jumbo does stand out. I went all the way to Korea to get a shot of it! (and other reasons too 🙂 )

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