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In the previous post, the 10 Most Popular Haikyo of 2009, several people suggested I put up a poll so you can vote directly for your favorites. Well, here it is. I’ve started with the top 30 most popular on the site, though there are of course more. If there’s any you’d like to vote for that I didn’t include, I can easily add them. You get three votes. If you need to check up on some of them to refresh your memory, that’s easily done in the Ruins / Haikyo Gallery.

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  1. that was quick!
    1. Nichitsu – simply for the shear size and variety of things that made it interesting and put it on the top of my list to get to and spent a good day exploring
    2 – Ashiodozan – still have to get here and will be the next one I go to this winter…brrr.., again this one for the size of it and the variety of things there looks like a good days exploring
    3. Shin shu hotel – i liked the story of people getting lost in the sheer size of it, again would like to get out here

    it was tough to pick three – the top two were easy and the third could have been Negishi for the sheer daring of getting in or queen chateau for standing on the roof looking down on the teamsters.

  2. Well as I said before I really like your early ones and as such voted for Toyo Boru and Sports World but I decided to throw in a curve ball in the form of the Small Pox Ward. Mainly because I really enjoyed some of the history you wrote about with that post and it really felt like an old school MJG haikyo adventure again! (and you got some wonderful pictures of atmosphere there).

  3. I’m a newcomer to this site, so I voted mainly based on my first impressions, I guess. These are my three favorites: Matsuo Mine apartments (also liked that misty video a lot), Taro Mine (splendid to see the kamoshika wandering around) and the BE Labs (stunning bird, weird history and fascinating atmosphere). Looking foreward to read more in the future !
    Keep up the great work !

    (Btw, my laptop acts bitchy lately, so I was wondering if you received the mail I’ve sent you a couple of days ago ? )

  4. Post

    I voted for-

    Sports World- I love that place. I’ve been back three times, and each time was very different. The first very spooky, the second to the water parks, and on the third I discovered a whole bunch of bits I hadn’t been to before. It’s massive, gorgeous itself and in a gorgeous area, and so peaceful.

    Nichitsu- One of my first serious explores, even though we were suffering from haikyo fatigue it still obviously kicked butt. The school blew my mind. Returnign to find the ancient fire truck and of course the brain in a jar put the cherry on the cake.

    Air Force Base- Just amazingly overgrown. Those parabolic antenna are unreal. Exploring inside is at once terrifying and exhilarating. Musty old military plans and equipment. LOST realized.

    Thanks for all voters so far, I’ll leave this poll open and maybe a few more people will vote. Very interested in hearing why people liked what they liked.

    Jeroen, I don’t think I got the email, can you resend? Oh, and welcome to the site! Thanks for your kind words.

  5. I have resent the mail (via ‘contact’ on this site). Could you please confirm to me whether you’ve received it or not? (I’m just not sure, there seems to be a bug in the system?) Alternatively I could also send you an ordinary email. That’s probably a bit easier. (In that case, please let me know your current email address at pjeroenbxl@hotmail.com. That way I can re-resend my mail to your mailbox.) Thanks a lot !!

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