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Back in December of 2007 I rented a car with 2 friends and we set off into the mountains of Gunma on our first haikyo trip. It kicked off a boom in interest in haikyo that has led to articles decrying us, book chapters written by us, articles showcasing our photos, and now a gallery exhibition by one of the core 3 that set out together in 2007. My good friend Jason Collin returned to Florida almost a year ago, and now has his first solo exhibition of haikyo photography opening Friday 13th Nov at the Raw Vibes gallery in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Jason shoots an explorer looking out of the abandoned Gunma Volcano Museum

Since we started haikyoing back in 2007, a number of other blogs and websites have taken an interest in the hobby. Jason tells me the owner of the gallery in Florida was wowed by his shots- something very different and alien to an everyday American existence. Misty Japanese mountains, ruined mines, brains in jars and the like. Jason is a serious photographer accredited with the Chamber of Commerce, offering all kinds of portrait, wedding, sports, and print services, as well as lessons in photography. Check out his website to learn more, and if you can, go along to his show- entry is only $7.

Wheels and pylons at the abandoned Okutama ropeway.

Explorer at the Volcano museum.

Icons on a pedestal at the Nichitsu mining town Doctor’s Office.

Decay of Escher- many floors of haikyo at the Shin Shu Kanko Hotel.

Haikyo – Urban Decay from Japan exhibition

  • RAW Vibes, 2109 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713 — 727-557-8266
  • Friday November 13, 2009
  • 8pm-11pm

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    Jason- Hope it brings you fame and fortune!

    Can Mike- Hmm, seems like a lot of trouble, but maybe some time yeah. If I ever get a haikyo book out I’d launch it with a gallery I guess.

    SY- Yup, when the book comes out 🙂

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