Sanyo and BE haikyos, the move

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Tokyo Times went to the underground bunker in Yamanashi and managed to de-bunk some of the mystery surrounding it. He found a Sanyo magazine which featured a little icon of one of the odd logos from inside the bunker. It doesn’t explain everything, but it goes some distance to removing the thought it might have belonged to a cult.

Mike and I went to the BE lab in Shizuoka- I was going to post my version tomorrow but may go with something else instead- give his a bit more time to breathe before I clog the airwaves with yet more shots of the same place.

In other news- I have now moved in with SY. It was an almost completely painless (SY got scratched while carrying a bookshelf, had to listen to the moving guy wittering on in Korean with no end in sight) endeavour, all completed last Sunday. It sounds strange to say it, but despite adding my desk, chair, TV, and several bookshelves, her place actually feels more spacious than before. I guess we just feng shuied the heck out of it.

I’m thinking I may start reviewing all the books I read here. At the moment I’m reading a lot. As prep for the move I sold a ton of old books, probably about 80, and made around 20,000 yen in credit at the Blue Parrot. I spent that right away, on around 20 new books, and am already ploughing my way through them. Better than TV, especially since LOST is done for this season.

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