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shelter1One of my stories, Caterpillar Man, has found its way into print. I don’t really know how this happened. I don’t recall the magazine editor checking in with me about the story, though I do recall them asking me how I wanted to be paid. Hey cool, I thought, and who are you? Back from my UK holiday I found my contributor’s copy waiting in the post-box- my story is the last in it. The magazine is a biannual anthology, I think I submitted the story to a sister publication about a year ago.

You can buy it here.

Or you can read the story on my site here.

Is it worth buying the magazine? Well, it’s not quite the art-filled effort that Something Wicked was; rather it’s a straight-forward binding of 10 or so stories, with a few poems and one or two pieces of art. I read a few of the other stories in it and I enjoyed them. At only $9 it’s pretty good value- but I won’t make a sales pitch as I don’t see any kind of commission.

All this print action recently has whetted my appetite for more. It’s a very different proposition to have something tangible in your hands with your name on, a product, compared to publication online. We’ll see if I can’t write some things, and submit them.

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    Donna- Thanks! Though actually this is my second outing in print- the first was Something Wicked a few months back.

    Jason- Good thinking, I’ll shoot for that.

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