Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba

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Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba is one of the biggest exhibition spaces in Tokyo, featuring two huge halls East and West plus several conference rooms and a 1,100 seater auditorium in the main building- which is curiously shaped out of four upside-down pyramids.

Why is it shaped out of four upside-down pyramids? Nobody knows. I suppose this is another case of function being completely unrelated to form, with form taking off on a flight of fancy to Never-Neverland. The last time we saw this was with the Edo-Tokyo museum, which got me ranting about WASTE! and VACUOUS DESIGN! and GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION!

But not this time. Tokyo Big Sight, meh. I dig it- no need to rant. It’s a conference space, the function is amorphous, let them eat cake!

Amorphous function equals inverted quadra-pyramidal form. Obvious.

I went out to Big Sight this past weekend with SY, chiefly to check out the International Anime Fair they hold there every year- I’ll post on that soon.

Crowds stream in for the anime goodness.


There’s also some modern art around the building. Look- a saw!

What is this saw for? Nothing! It’s modern art, it doesn’t have to ‘be’ anything.

Writing about this saw now makes me feel like I want to go off on a diatribe about what a waste of money, time and space this saw is. But also I think I like this saw. But also it is completely purposeless. Hmm. Perhaps if it in some way chimed with the pyramidal structure I could roll with it more- but there isn’t even any theme! It’s just a bunch of stuff…

Rolling on in.

The Conference Tower is built of aluminium and glass.

Big Sight!

SY warming up her camera for the anime goodness to be found inside.

Anime goodness coming shortly.


Location – Odaiba, Tokyo.

Entry – 1,000 yen for anime festival.

Facts – Aluminium and glass, bigger than Makuhari Messe, no rhyme or reason to the design.

Architect – Somebody self-indulgent.

Highlights – The building being so crass as to almost rouse me to anger, but not.


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    Billy- I don’t know about that- is it remarkable some way?

    Jason- Cheers, and the deck in the middle will be the main auditorium, seats 1,100 people.

  2. I was searching through Google doing research for a blog article, when I found this article, I’m not sure how you appeared for this term – quirky wedding cakes. Thought I would let you know! Thanks Lynette xx

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