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And lo, let there be Dragonball Z.

Dragonball Z is some kind of Pokemon copy, with weird powers being stored inside little balls that folks keep in their pockets. I’ll admit I don’t know anything about the genre- but that doesn’t preclude me from buying some of its bits and pieces. Also I know there is a Dragonball Z movie coming out- seems a Hollywood version so you get more bang for your ball.

This is another keychain you can win!


Whosoever likes Dragonball, that person shall also like Dragonball Z.

Anything I say about this topic will be colored by the fact that I probably made it up.

Is Dragonball Z anything like He-man? This is something I have often heard. Somebody once compared Dragonball Z to Jayce and the wheeled warriors, a show I loved from my youth.

No-one has ever compared Dragonball Z to the A-team. That is bad news for Dragonball Z.

By the power of Dragonball Z!

Here is the range of collectible reel key chains.

This is an empty Dragonball.

Grape flavored candy.

The reel keychain. It’s on a reel.

The treasures of the dragonball.

Strange glyph. Can somebody translate?

Reeled out.


Here’s what to do if you want this reel key-chain with indecipherable glyph, and also the next toy / game product I feature on this site over the next week, plus the jingle key-chain and Mickey Mouse cell phone strap from previous weeks. Link to my site from your site. Sorry, forums and sidebars don’t count, it has to be in the main body. Then comment on this post, with the link to your site linking to me- so I can check. We both get links. You’re in with a chance to win awesome J-goodies!

At the end of March I’ll draw a winner (by checking your link in the comments) and send, yes by post, the gear to the chosen winner. Rock on?


1- Link to me on your blog (not forum or sidebar).

2- Comment on this post or one of next 2, including link to your site with link to me.

3- Sit back and wait for the goodies to roll on in!


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  1. Dragon Ball Z is no way near a Pokemon copy. Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Dragon Ball which was first created in the mid 80s. To explain it in a couple of sentences, it is that they story revolves around a guy named Goku and him and his friends fighting whatever baddies appear. As for the Dragon Ball’s themsleves, there are 7 and if you collect them all then you can summon a dragon that can grant you one wish. The dragon balls then all disperse and lay dormant for 1 year.

  2. oh, and I forgot to mention, that the whole concept of Dragon Ball was inspired by the Chinese folk story “Journey to the West”

  3. Post

    Adrian- Thanks, and thanks for the link, you’re in the tombola!

    Miki- No doubt you are right- thanks for correcting me 😉 I thought it sounded similar because of Pokemon living in balls too.

  4. no problem~ i’m a fan of the series if you coulnd’t all ready tell 🙂
    btw, your keychain is one of the symbols that appears on goku’s clothing in the series. It stands for King Kai, one of his mentors.
    界王 kai + ou = world + king
    it just looks funny because it’s on top of each other and in a circle.

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