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Every Saturday I’ll be posting a list of links I’ve enjoyed in the previous week (if I’ve found any, if I can be bothered):

Something Wicked Zine – Buy a copy now!

Colbert Report – Enjoy the satiric news comedy of Stephen Colbert via streaming.

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi – Great resource for finding out movie times and booking tickets.

Andrew Jones Art – Amazing artist- go look.

Thing Asian Press – Travel guide book publisher who will be putting out a guide to Japan called- ‘To Japan with Love’ featuring a haikyo article and a cycling article from yours truly, summer of this year.

Asahi Shimbun – Actual news from actual reporters!

Barry Eisler’s Site – Site of the author Barry Eisler, writer of the John Rain books.

Mike’s Video of Hotel Nagano Haikyo – The same haikyo I’ll be posting in a few weeks time, we went together- this with a great video that Mike made the music for himself. Impressive.

Jason’s Doctor’s Office Haikyo in Black and White – Great photos of a haikyo I’ll be posting about in a few weeks, creepy.

Japan Times Festival Listing – Great listing of festivals around Tokyo.

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