Final Fantasy: Dissidia Potions

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Dissidia is the latest mano-a-mano fighting game in the Final Fantasy continuum, to be released by Square Enix on December 18th. It sounds totally cool. There is no chance I will buy it and play it. It features awesome heroes like ‘The Onion Knight’ whose special skill is emanating onion fumes so his enemies weep uncontrollably, ‘Zidane Tribal’ who kicks pig’s bladders at his enemies, and ‘Cecil Harvey’ who gives history lectures so dull they’re like a protective shield of ennui around his body.

In cooperation with Suntory, Square Enix unleashed (not for the first time) the full power of their mystical ‘Potions’ on us. Here is one of the CHAOS-flavored ones:


350 ml of Chaos (capital C), deliciously wicked. I drank this and then felt earth-shattering waves of power rifle through my body like lots of mini-nuclear explosions. I reached out my hand and the world wilted away before me. I bent my will and expanded the dark terraces of hell right up to the brink of reality’s edge.


dissidia both

It tasted like herbs, maybe lavender, and was a little bit purple and of course fizzy.

After so sampling the dark side- I had to remedy the situation with a little light from the Onion Knight:

dissidia left

The Onion Knight! Bring on that protective shield!


dissidia right

This is Cloud of Darkness, and she’s eeeeeeevil… (and hot?)


dissidia final fantasy

This potion is all about Cosmos- the goddess of goodness. After drinking it I felt like a person who has spent money on junk- it was a bit green and tasted also of herbs, maybe Aloe. Yes, Cosmos!

See the uses to which I am putting my new camera? Gosh, check out that amazing bokeh!


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    Jei- More excellent details, combining in this case I suppose your two specialisms, Warcraft-type fantasy stuff and J-minutiae. Bravo, sir!

    Al- I guess it’s pretty normal for them really- and just part of the high-turnover neophiliac culture they have going on.

  2. I hope you realize that if you take one can of each color {Black and White}, and mix them together, they create a new color, and a new tasting potion.

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