Pepsi Yoghurt: The Test!

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For the past week everybody has been blogging about Pepsi White, Pepsi’s new Yoghurt flavored Pepsi drink. It appeared on conveni store shelves on Wednesday, and there were blog responses to it within minutes- but how many of those people actually TESTED the drink?

The answer is, none! So here I am, with a light-hearted taste comparison test.

Here is my hypothesis:

This is not Pepsi’s first foray into wacky flavor madness. On these pages I’ve covered Pepsi’s Blue Hawaii, and elsewhere there’s been Pepsi Cucumber, and of course Pepsi NEX zero you see pictured above.

A side-test I had running was whether real yoghurt and real Pepsi together would make ‘frogspawn’. I remember drinking this frogspawn on bar crawl nights at University- an unholy union of creme liquer and Pepsi, resulting in thick viscous gooey bubbles that blurpily popped in your mouth as you downed them as quickly as possible.

Here is video of the experiment:

Pepsi White Yoghurt from Michael John Grist on Vimeo.

So- I didn’t have much luck with the frogspawn creation- there must be some secret ingredient in Baileys that bubble-izes the Pepsi into bubbles of gross goo.

As for the taste- well, like I say gulpingly in the video- it’s not bad. At least- not terrible. I’ll never mix that particular cocktail again, but it wasn’t revolting. Consider though- I had expected curdled bubbly milk. So…

But down to brass tacks people- how does Pepsi’s version of a yoghurt drink compare?

Well- again I had to say- not bad. It wasn’ revolting. It didn’t taste anything like any yoghurt I know, but still. Perhaps it tasted more like a mouthful of bubbly pot pourri. Not my idea of delicious, and odd, but not awful.

Here- the suspects in line-up format:

Pepsi- keep on innovating!

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  1. This is clearly Suntory’s attempt at a lame response to Calpis Soda using cola.
    When I tried this at ultimate last week, I laid down bets on the Can to be the first Mike to review Yogurt Pepsi, but that you would be close behind. Looks like Doug owes me a Pepsi White!

  2. Very interesting! We don’t have that in the U.S. Although it reminds me of a traditional Persian drink called “doogh,” which is made of yogurt, soda, and mint. It’s actually pretty good!

  3. Good calm voice. Stiring with a fork! I was half expecting the drink to maybe get knocked over on your couch! Looked a bit unstable.

    What do you mean nobody tested the drink? What do you think I did?

  4. Post

    Orchid64- True, NEX is not really the right mixer, but neither conveni I went to had regular Pepsi, only Pepsi White, so I just went with what I could get. Caramel coloring, well, that’ll be the case whatever brand of Pepsi I use to mix with.

    Jei- Ha, guess you have the measure of us Mike’s then.

    Billywest- It’s good to know someone appreciates all the fighting and dying that goes on at these front lines, thank you.

    Leila- Hey, good to see you here. ‘Doogh’ huh? Cool name, sounds interesting.

    Tornadoes- Yeah, just about. Though not a bad taste really.

    Can Mike- Don’t know where that ‘stir with a fork’ voice came from. Surprised myself when I heard it on film. And test- Mike, I’m talking ‘scientific’ tests here. With bunsen burners and apparati.

  5. I love chronicled taste tests! The instruction that young TV chefs are given is to describe in great detail what they are tasting, so the viewer can accurately imagine it. So next time, let’s have more adjectives like, “vile”, “abominable” and “egregious to the tastebuds”.

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