Life on Mars

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Just finished the season 2 finale of the UK TV show- Life on Mars. Completely took me by surprise by being totally kick-ass. I did not expect any of that. From the way it was, and had been, I hadn’t expected anything as ballsy, powerful, or moving as that to round it off.

At the end, and he’s standing there, and the camera’s revovling around him, I was on the edge of my seat going – “Come on! Do it! Go Sam!”

Suffice it to say, it rocked, and did not disappoint. Also, what excellent music.

I read on Wikipedia they’re making a spin-off of it too, with the same ‘guv’- Hunt (Glenister something or other), and the same basic idea of someone in a coma/mad/whatever as his DI. I hope it turns out better than Torchwood was reputed to.

Also they’re making an American version. Like the Office. Doubtless they’ll find a way to stretch it out beyond 2 seasons, as they have done with the Office- which is still going strong in the US at season 4 now. I watch it, and it’s still really funny.

In fact, I think I prefer the American Office to the British one. Partly because I’m sick of Ricky ‘smug annoying git’ Gervais, thinking he’s all that, and doing that as David Brent.

Steve Carroll in the American version is so much more vulnerable, and less consciously nasty. Makes him more sympathetic, a tragi-comic figure. It’s nice and often leaves you with a fuzzy feeling, where the UK version never did. The UK version was just kind of bleak and depressing.

Shogun Boardgame

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Shogun arrived!!

I ordered it from a guy in the US, through Am totally psyched to play it. It’s in great condition with all the pieces intact. It cost $65, which is not bad seeing as it’s been out of production for like 15 years. Shipping cost $45.

Here’s a photo of the board-

We used to while away long hours when I was a kid playing this. Damn I’m psyched.

Raises the question- what games did you play as a kid?

For me:

-Shogun (all-day marathon sessions with Joe and some kid called Martin, maybe the Asif kids from next door, and perhaps my dad too?)

-Talisman + expansion sets (I was ALWAYS Warrior of Chaos cos he got to invoke the Gods after every kill, and often get an extra strength. At least, I played him until friends/family said it was unfair and I couldn’t be him anymore. I was pretty pissed, as you can imagine.)

-RPG’s led by my Dad. Most memorable moments- Vampire rats. And the time the bad guys were torturing the good guys, but we didn’t realize they were so bad, and did nothing, so Dad had to keep on upping the torture ante to make us realize who the bad guys were. Around the time they were torturing kids- we twigged.

-Muscles and marbles! Me and Joe invented this game, based on these little 1.5″ figures that came in a wide variety of muscled shapes and sizes. We went at either end of the ceramic tile hall at my Dad’s house, set the guys up like ten-pins, and bowled marbles down to knock them over. We played that game A LOT. Most of the ‘muscles’ had names. I wonder what became of them all. Dad?

OK, how about you guys?


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